I’m Kim

I teach women over 40 to break The Diet rules and the doubts so that they can feel fit, comfortable and confident in their bodies.

When you turned 40

did you feel like your body gave you the finger’

Yes. that happened to me too, so I get it.
You’ve been dieting for what feels like forever and you are OVER IT!
Here’s the truth:
We’ve all been programmed to believe that in order to lose weight, get fit, get healthy, you have to rigidly follow some particular program, meal plan or diet. Uggh!!
You’ve believed for years that there is some magic blueprint program that you need to follow PERFECTLY if you want to have any results.

No guilt, no shame. I spent years searching for that same damn plan,
only to find that I held the keys to the plan the entire time.

I had the magic inside of me!!!

The Fit Girl Magic Podcast

is dedicated to helping women create simple healthy habits and sustainable routines so that you can fit getting healthy into your busy lifestyle.

I’m Kim, a flip flop loving health and fitness coach who gives women over 40-the permission and the tools to fall in love with their bodies and their lives.
If you are over 40 and you feel like your body has left you hanging out to dry, I got you!!!

Are you ready to stop letting the “plan” run and rule your life
and finally use a framework that works for YOU and YOUR life’