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My 10 Gulity Pleasures

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We all have them. Those little things that we absolutely love, but it’s hard for us to admit in public. Well I’m doing it. I’m admitting the 10 things I love doing.

  1. Baseball games — eating peanuts and drinking beer at a Red Sox. It’s not a game I unless I have both. I don’t feel guilty at all, because I’ve budgeted for this in my week and I enjoy without thinking of it.
  2. Lifetime TV movies — give me a blanket and day of movies and I’m in heaven. You know Tori Spelling, Alyssa Milano or some other  child star will be in trouble.
  3. Pinterest –– every Saturday I find new recipes and see what workouts folks are doing. I could spend all day on it, but instead I must set a timer so I drift the day away.
  4. Watching movies on airplanes — I can’t sit down and watch a movie from beginning to end without multitasking. When I travel I it’s the only time I can just park it and watch a movie.
  5. 80’s music — back then, there was no such thing as explicit lyrics (sorry Tipper Gore) you could listen to a song and not worry about the words. In fact you could actually understand what they were saying. Just writing that made me feel like an old lady..
  6. Whenever the following movies are on TV I must watch no matter where they are in the move.
    1. Grease (the original)
    2. Talladega Nights The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
    3. The Notebook
    4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    5. Pitch Perfect
  7. When on on the Cape fried clams — can’t resist.
  8. Creme Brulee I’m not a big desert person, but when there is Creme Brulee on the menu that’s my Achilles heel. I will admit it must be warm and taste off the charts or will not devore it.
  9. Strong man competitions — at least once a year they have them on ESPN and I’m glued!!! I think all the stuff they come up with is amazing. I mean really tossing a full keg over a pole, pulling a tractor trailer like a sled. AMAZING!! LOVE IT LOVE IT
  10. Binge watching reality TV shows — No judgements. Don’t ask me what day or time they come on, but if I stumble across a marathon, I’m RIVETED!!!

BONUS — Rose I went to France a few years ago and got hooked!!! I love a good Rose. Give it a try. It ain’t your Momma’s White Zinfandel.

How about you, I’ve shared, mine, now tell me yours!! There are no judgements.


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