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10 Habits Holding You Back From Success

A habit is something we just do right’ It’s something that you do regularly, repeatedly and most of the time you do them without thinking!  But unfortunately, we have some not so great habits that are blocking you from setting some really great habits, that ultimately lead to results and success!  On this podcast I outline 10 things that are totally blocking you from reaching your goals and creating really good habits!  Now, these things are not just geared towards health and fitness which you know is my jam but can be incorporated into your everyday LIFE!  

I want you to think about these 10 things as, what feels good’ What feels realistic right now, and what would you be excited about starting right now and is it sustainable’  Read this blog over and over again or listen to the podcast! And really think about these things! 

Multitasking… I AM THE QUEEN!  But when it comes to my health and my fitness, I had to prioritize because I had too much that I was trying to do. And when it comes to health and fitness, I want you to say, “What is my priority’”.  Instead of trying to throw it around everywhere, go all-in on ONE THING at first. What are you multitasking’ What aren’t you doing well with the multitasking’ And what can you focus on until you nail it and then move on to something else’ 

Procrastination… I am just gonna go ahead and raise my hand again on this one… I am ALSO the queen of procrastination!   I like to put things off, as most of you do to the very end, then you can to cram it all in or try and sprint to the finish. Then when you don’t get the results that you want you aren’t happy.  That is because you procrastinated!! With health and fitness, sprinting to the finish line is not gonna let you win. 🤷🏽You are always going to feel like the crap is beaten out of you or you’re gonna feel like rocky when he first went up against Mr. T!  Instead of taking on the world all at once, I can’t stress this enough the power of small actions. When you take small actions you get more wins, and when you feel like a winner, you want to go 20 rounds with Mr. T!😍 

Email. I have had to train myself with email. I stink at email… Well, I choose not to be good at email! I would get into it too early in the morning and I would get an email that either pissed me off or made me get to work earlier than I wanted to. And my whole day was thrown off.  So now I have it blocked until 7 am.  I only allow myself to get the weather and my podcast to listen to.  And I have seriously had to train myself with this, and the same goes for social media!  I check email 3 times a day most days and that is it.  But you need to ask yourself, will this work for you’ How do I need to break habits from letting me live my best life’ 

Nutrition.  The bulk of my clients I work with, we work on nutrition and mindset.  Some people are really great at it, and others are just meh..  Now when you are working out, the workout is only as good as the workout you’re doing at that moment. Nutrition is going to last you way longer!  Jack LaLanne the father of modern-day fitness says that “Nutrition is the Queen and Fitness is the King.” and we know if the queen isn’t happy, then the king isn’t happy!  if you truly want “results” it’s time to start to look at your nutrition. What can give you consistency’  

We have noticed with the coronavirus is that it attacks most people that have a chink in their health chain. So, it’s so important to stay healthy so that we are keeping ourselves from getting the virus.   How can I work best to improve my nutrition’  And it’s not about completely removing things either.   It’s about ADDING things instead.  I am consistently not seeing adequate protein and fruits and vegetables in diets of not only my clients but tons of people.  We lose muscle mass as we age, it is just the way it is. And for us to spin the tide we have to strength train and eat enough adequate PROTEIN sources. (We need 20 to 30G every single meal that is like a cup of cottage cheese or 4-6 oz of protein.)  I am asking you to eat more than you normally do so that you can help fight that muscle mass loss.  

Eating fruits and vegetables is huge too!  And you aren’t gonna get fat eating too much fruit! It just doesn’t happen; it is other things that contribute to that.😉  It’s a natural source just as vegetables are. There is never any natural source of food that is off-limits. I will never tell you anything is off-limits; just how much you eat of something. Vegetables have tons of fiber too and it helps you poop! The more you poop, 💩the fewer toxins that you have in your body!! So, eat fibrous vegetables as much as you want! 

I want you to live your best life and I want you to live it at 80%! 80% gives us wiggle room to have cake on our birthday and drinks on vacation!  While still, be focused in your everyday life about your choices.   

STOP Complaining! This really grinds my gears and the complaining makes me cuckoo for cocoa puffs!  Some people complain about everything! My butt is this, my thighs are this, yet I do not see the actions taken to do anything about it!  Plenty of you can identify the behaviors that are tripping you up, yet you continue complain about it!  Right’  So, what are you complaining about on a regular basis and is there something about it you can change’   You don’t have to suffer to hit your goals! Please read this again!  

I am too busy to “fill in the blank” is something I hear ALL THE TIME!  I want you to say to yourself, what is your current schedule right now and how do you feel about it’  With the quarantine, I want you to think about what extra time you have if you aren’t commuting to work’ Do you have a little more time to spend it focusing on food or your workout’  Post quarantine how do you want your life to be’ Do you want to go back to that “busy” or will you start to crave some time to hit your health and fitness goals’ What’s possible for you to stick with’  You DO NOT need a 2-hour workout with a full day of meal prep!  Can you get in a 30-minute workout daily or every other day’ Can you find yourself making shortcuts to being able to cook more and bring your lunch more to work’  You have to figure out how to break free of telling yourself that you are “too busy”! 

How much time are you watching TV’ Or spending on social media scrolling. Are you watching it as a detriment of doing something else’  I will never say don’t watch TV, It is my relax time for me to watch an hour before I go to bed.   And I had to turn off social because otherwise, I was spending all day stuck in the scroll and it was eating up all of my time.  Be judicious with your time and see how much time you are actually spending on social and tv.  

I am always on the go.  You simply cannot use this as a crutch to not take care of yourself.  You need to slow down in order to speed up.  If the ship goes down and you are the ship, you have to take care of that ship, plug the leaks and take and plug your own personal hole.  Think about how you can prioritize your time. Take REPS and initiate preemptive planning. Life will always get in the way, so you have to plan for it.  You have to make sure you get to your non-negotiables every day so that we know we are taking a smidge of care of yourself before you go on the rest of your day.  

Goal setting.  I am a goal-setting fool!  Goals are literally what gets me out of bed on a cold Boston morning.  It helps me with my business and helps me with my clients.  If you want to achieve your goals, the best way I can tell you is one, you have to tell someone, and you have to ask them to support you with it.   

You have to ask them to hold you to be accountable to it.  

And two you have to write it down!   

I write mine on post-it notes all around my office, so I am seeing them and visualizing them!  Think about yourself and do you have goals that you just say, or are you really wanting to land the plane and hit your goals’ 

Lastly… YOU NEED TO STOP GIVING UP!   I am totally guilty of this if something is not happening as fast as I want it to.  And I feel like so many of you are inches away from the breakthrough, but you don’t PUSH THROUGH and go, “whelppp I gotta find something else.”   This is a mindset game, and sometimes I have to scale back my goals and focus on one thing at a time. I will feel more motivated to go on if I do one thing at a time instead of multitasking and doing tons of things.  Don’t go for the A++ go for the B+, I feel like more of a winner and I keep on going when I am hitting my goals one at a time.   

THIS is a mindset shift!  Instead of saying I WANT THIS, say I AM CREATING THIS!  You are creating your reality and you are creating your life.  When I created Fit Girl Magic podcast, I knew that when you have great habits, you will have amazing routines. Once you have those amazing routines, you have unstoppable consistency. And guess what, once you are consistent, boom results, right!’!’  NEED THE RESULTS’ It starts with good habits! Then we can start building those routines from those good habits!  It works, I am telling you, you just have to start, that’s all!  

Do you need help getting started, I have got a list of 50 routines to help jumpstart your brainstorming!   Grab them here 

Let me know what you think of these 10 things and what do you struggle with’  Are these stopping you from reaching success’ 

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