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10 Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

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  1. Don’t want your turkey to dry out try rubbing olive oil mixed with herbs and garlic.
  2. Avoid the skin and dark meat  — you’ll save tons of calories
  3. When your stuffing recipe calls for butter try using chicken broth.
  4. Decide the few thing that you are going to splurge on before you go.
  5. Go for a pre-Thanksgiving Day walk, or try a turkey trot to help burn off some calories
  6. Watch what you drink, because liquid calories do count
  7. Don’t starve yourself all day, make sure you eat sensibly during the day
  8. Replace some of the sugar in your baked good with applesauce
  9. Use light varieties of sour cream, cream cheese or butter
  10. Be friendly, get up a talk with friends and family away from the food table so you won’t endulge in mindless eating

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