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What Everyone Must Know About 10 minute Workout’

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You have heard all of those miracle health benefit promises in just minutes/day. You know the ones that require little to no effort on your part. Can they deliver on the results’ Generally, those products are nothing but hype!

The one claim that I want to explore is can you workout 10 minutes/day and get results’ What exercises deliver significant health benefits in such a short period of time’ Seriously, can a 10 minute workout help you reach your personal fitness goals’

Changing your body chemistry is a matter of changing your routine. Think of it like this, if you are healthy start a junk food diet and see what happens. Remember that movie Supersize Me‘ The same is true if you adopt regular exercise if you are currently leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Have you heard of that expression something is better than nothing” Whelp!! Adding movement will have an amazing impact on your health.

Not regularly working out’ Squeezing in several 10 minute workouts can to produce some serious health benefits.

Let’s get real, what are the results you are looking for”

You have to destroy 3,500 more calories than you take in before you lose 1 pound of body weight. You’ll need to do 25-35 sessions 10 minute sessions/week. Here’s where I recommend you adding in a longer exercise sessions every week.

This is not to say that short exercise sessions are pointless. The case I’m making is that we always have time to work out. Each week look at your schedule. Some days go for a longer workouts (20-40 minutes). If you can only squeeze in a 10 minute workout a few times a week you know you are still getting great health benefits.

At the end of the day, the goal is to make you workout schedule SUSTAINABLE. So many times I hear of folks going balls to the wall and burning themselves out. That’s not the point! The goal is to find a level of exercise that makes you want to and enjoy exercising for the rest of your life!!

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