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10 Ways To Be More Proactive In Your Life

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Does your to-do list seem to be growing out of control’ Perhaps your tasks have gone from manageable to off the charts overwhelming. Each day you have obligations that shape your actions. Despite your best efforts, it’s really easy for laziness to slowly creep into your routine that may keep you from being as productive as you’d like.

Give yourself a break, this this happens to everyone. In fact, a recent study that focused on trends of motivation in the workplace, found that companies lose $300 billion dollars annually due to a lack of productivity.

How can you beat this behavior’

  1. Set a Goal
    Goal setting is the beginning step towards organizing your direction. Set a clear and meaningful goal that you keep in your thoughts. By having a target to focus on, this makes your journey clear. If your end–goal is rather large, set tiny milestones in-between to keep your momentum going. Celebrate when you meet your mini goals to maintaining your motivation!
  2. Plan and Prioritize Tasks
    In order to take action, you have to make a plan. Imagine heading out on vacation without a plan! If heading to the beach you’d plan to bring sunscreen, bugspray, a bathing suit and a hat. You’d plan ahead so you aren’t scrambling or buying all these things when you get there. The same can be said about your fitness and nutrition. Do you make a plan’
  3. Have a plan b
    This builds off of the last tip. Life is busy and hectic and doesn’t always go as planned. The key is to decide what you are going to be proactive and know what you are going to do when you hit a problem. A few questions to consider when faced with obstacles are:
    ❓What Can I do to Make this Run Smoothly’
    ❓What Can I Personally Control Immediately’
    ❓What Resources Do I Currently Have to Help Me to Solve This Problem
    Prepare for any possible roadblock that may prevent you from hitting your goals. Some productive individuals have a plan B, C, D, and E! Think about what could go wrong and have a useful backup plan to rely on.
  4. Create a Schedule; Personal Accountability
    Learn how to properly delegate your time through creating a set schedule for you to follow. This will help build discipline and accountability. Analyze when you feel the most productive.

    Is it during the early morning, or late afternoon’ Decide when you have the mental clarity to complete your tasks and create your schedule around those time. In addition, hold yourself responsible for your personal success.

    Eliminate blaming outside sources as making excuses for your lack of action. Instead, take personal responsibility for your actions and set up realistic consequences. Remember, you are your biggest motivator!
  5. Analyze All Possible Outcomes
    Strategic chess players analyze their future moves by thinking two to three steps ahead. This means envisioning every possible move and how you can counter it. Can you do the same thing with your health and fitness goals’
  6. Take Initiative; Pay attention to Detail
    The act of being proactive is defined as, “Getting shit done.” This requires taking initiative when you see activities that need to be accomplished. Paying attention to detail involves ensuring that everything surrounding your task is running smoothly. Pay attention to what is going on around will ensure that you stay the course.
  7. Embrace Change When Necessary
    The definition of insanity is performing the same action while hoping for a different outcome. To see a change, you need to make a change. To get the results you are seeking the change may be easy or may be a little more difficult that you will feel resistance. Be open minded to trying new things as they may reveal solutions to the path of your goal.
  8. Redirect Your Focus; Emotional Regulation
    Regulating your emotions is key to avoiding unnecessary stress. When facing a problem, do you feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety’ Do you start to fixate on all that could go wrong’ Focusing on all that can go wrong is counterproductive and de motivating. Allowing yourself to become overly emotional can detract you from achieving your goal. Learn how to focus on what you can control and look for solutions.
  9. Watch Your Circle of Influence
    In order to be proactive, you have to surround yourself with like minded individuals. They say you are the sum of the five people surround yourself with. Who are you five’
  10. Avoid Burn-Out Through Self-Care
    I know self-care seems like a waste of time, but you can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-care helps you to keep your sanity when engaging in productive activities. It is so easy to become consumed in your work or family that your personal needs are pushed aside. Take some time to decompress and rejuvenate yourself so you can continue on your road to success!

Being proactive doesn’t involve complicated life changes that inhibit your fun. Rather, they are small improvement points that will assist you towards reaching your goals!

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