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12 Creative Ways to Make Your Lifestyle More Healthy

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“How do you eat an elephant’ One bite at a time.”

I know we all preconceived notions as to what fitness should look like. Most them seem good and life sets in and then our fitness seems to be the one thing that gets the heave ho! I know most of my clients and you are looking for that long-term solution that works for you no matter how crazy business you life gets.

The big key to making lasting changes is to start small. The small steps begin to accumulate into a larger fitness practice. Here are 12 tips that are creative, simple and you can take ACTION on at least one TODAY!

1 — Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

I see you rolling your eyes on this one. Yup, it’s simple! The idea here is to get used to looking at simple daily tasks and activities with a different mindset. Instead of just normally doing whatever you do every day, you are actively looking for ways to keep more active.

2 – Walk When You Would Usually Drive

Pick a place that is less than 1 mile and walk.

3 – Stretch, Walk, Exercise for 10 Minutes First Thing in the Morning

Your workout doesn’t have to be this 90-minute power yoga, crossfit, bootcamp class. It can simply be a 10-minute walk or stretch in the comfort of your own home. Morning exercise helps you to better sleep patterns at night, and morning exercisers tend to eat less during the day – now I have your attention =)

4 – Break Up With the Bag Boy

Carry your own groceries to your car. Unload your groceries from your shopping cart into your vehicle. Burn some extra calories and build some muscle.

5 – Get a Dog

Dogs need to be walked daily. You can get a dog that likes long walks to help you get in your exercise as well as self care.

Wanna take it to the next level” Get a part-time job as a dog walker you’ll make a couple of extra bucks while getting some extra steps.

6 – Get Plenty of Sleep

Yup!! Sleep is one of the simplest things you can to reduce your waistline. Enough with the sleep when you are dead!! When you don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep you are reaching for the coffee sweets and energy drinks to get you through the day. This is the fastest way I know how to increase your waistline. .

Sorry, you are not that special person who can “get by” on less sleep. Sister girl, you need at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night, with no exceptions. I know you think you can “make it up” on the weekend, that’s just a big myth!!! You can’t “catch up” on missed sleep. When you wake feeling rested and refreshed, you have more energy and mental power to fuel a fit and healthy lifestyle.

7 – Cut Back on Your Sugar Consumption

Let me be clear there is nothing wrong with sugar in moderation!!! The key is to look at your diet right now and see where you may be having a little more sugar that can be taken out.

I drink 2 cups of coffee each day with 1 teaspoon sugar and I’m not gonna stop!!! Moderation my friends! Cut back on the sugar consumption for an overall promotion of internal and external fitness and health.

8 – Schedule a Daily 20 Minute Walk

About 4 years ago I was recovering from surgery and all I could do was walk for 6 weeks, I was seriously bummed!! Then I started going on my walks and fell in love. It was me time!! I listened to podcasts, audio books or just walked with my thoughts AHHHHH!!! Now I look forward to my morning walks.

There is research that shows walking is better than running for improving your fitness. Walking improves your heart health, makes you feel better physically and mentally, and is a simple way to get into a fitness-oriented mindset.

9 – Make your own lunch

Yet another, simple but effective way to work your waistline and your budget!!! You can eat your lunch at your desk and head out for your walk. Making your lunch doesn’t have to be fancy.

You can make double dinner the night before and bring left overs OR you can batch cook earlier in the week. When you do this you know exactly what you’re eating, and can help boost your fitness level by making great food choices.

10 – Join a League

In most major cities you can find leagues for just about anything – kickball, baseball, bowling, softball, soccer you name it. It’s an excellent way to be social skills AND get fit

11 – Stop Parking Upfront

Another simple and effective way to add some simple walking to your daily schedule.

Park further away than you are used to when you are shopping at the mall, going to school, driving to work or wherever else you have a chance to enjoy some walking exercise.

12 –A Fitness Tracker

There everywhere, your phone or any other wearable is the rage now. You can go as simple or crazy as you want!! Let your budget be your guide.

These trackers typically have apps that can track calories, steps, heart rate, sleep and many others.
Which one of these will you try’ Yes, time can always be a problem, but when you think a little creatively you will find ways to fit, fitness and health into your life and not feel over scheduled.

Being creative is one just one piece of a healthy living framework that is a critical part of the process to help you break from the never-ending diet cycle. Using this framework will stop you from struggling needlessly with diet and exercise. Download Your 4 Ways To Fabulously Thrive framework now!


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