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2 Key Mindful Eating Tips (To Help Prevent Weight Gain)

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In a nutshell, mindful eating . Mindful eating is a fancy pants way of saying pay attention to what you are shoveling into your mouth!!!

Not many times we eat while doing something else (I’m so guilty of that) it’s rare I’m not multitasking or even sitting when I eat!

Mindless and emotional eating lead to weight gain. While MINDFUL eats, find themselves weighing less. Do you think you can incorporate it into your lifestyle’

Mindful eating is based on two premises: eat slower and in silence.

Eat Slower

Taking time to chew food well is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. You get to savor each bite, and it helps with your digestion, plus you’ll end up eating less and feeling better than you would if you wolfed down your food.

The first time I discovered this was I attended a meditation class on mindfulness and the instructor had us take 10 minutes to eat a Hershey kiss. Seriously 10 freaking minutes, right those are meant to be eaten in like 2.2 seconds. In those 10 minutes I had the chance to appreciate and ACTUALLY TASTE the chocolate versus just shoveling it into my mouth.

Mindful eating helps you find a deeper appreciation for your food. What it takes to grow veggies, what it takes to create different foods like how grain is milled and turned into flour and baked into bread.

During the summer I go to the farmer’s market and it this brings this point home, the quality of food and the hard work of farmers.


While this is a big part of mindful eating, it won’t work in its entirety for all families. Now I’ve become more mindful eating in silence when I’m not by myself not so much!! Dinner is my husband and I’s time to connect. However, we do have an electronics-free zone – no smartphones, no TV; just us chatting about your day. My quality silent time happens at night when I’m writing my gratitude’s and drink a nice hot cup of tea.

Do your best to make to mindful eating a part of your healthy lifestyle and because it is based on awareness, it makes a great weight management tool. Try it – you most likely won‘t go back to the grab-and-go lifestyle.

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