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I’m Going To Be Travel Savvy

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Back when I was working in corporate America I typically few 100,000/year. The only thing that got me on the plane was the promise of going to Hawaii first class. In one year, I made my goal and then I met my now husband. I told him if he played his cards right I’d take him to Hawaii first class using miles. Well…. I did it and we went to Hawaii first class and then again using the miles accumulated from my days of travel a few years later. During this time we got credit cards that accrued miles and I was able to use those miles to fly to London a few years ago.

So.. I do believe in being travel savvy with that said, between my husband and I we have accumulated a ton of points that we now are ready to use again. The question is WHERE SHALL WE GO”’

I do know that I’m not one of those people will land somewhere and try to live on $25/day . Sorry that’s just not how I roll.

The 2 ways I become travel savvy — is to use our miles to fund a trip. I will also use our miles to pay for a hotel stay.

Do you have any other suggestions”


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