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Episode 46 — You don’t need to be a super hero to crush your goals
Goals are not just tasks on a to-do-list which you can tick off once you’ve completed it. Goals are stepping to stones to bigger causes in your life.

On Tuesday’s show we’ll talk about the power of setting goals that are clear and relevant to you so you don’t waste your time spinning your wheels getting no where. You’ll get the tools your need to know how to stay focused on the goals.

While it’s great to define obstacles that may come up along the way. What if you look at the goals you are setting for yourself and ask yourself does it motivate you” How badly do you want to achieve this goal’

I’ll show you how to use passion, commitment, urgency, enthusiasm and creativity to set goals that motivate you to see your goals through to completion. Replay Show Notes 


Episode 45 — Tuesday November 28 — Creating The Life That You Want

Creating The Life That You Want Jim Rohn was famous saying, “You become what you think about most of the time.” For me this was a big challenge that I continue to work on. It’s funny how much life and fitness mirror each other. To hit my fitness goals I had to get CLEAR on what my goal is. If you are wishy washy you WILL NOT get what you want. You will be on a constant journey to no where.
On Tuesday’s show we’ll talk about:
✅ how to step goals you’d like to achieve
✅ how to think positively even things don’t look good
✅ how to turn around negative thinking Most of my of results have come from me changing my mindset. The moment I set clear goals and decided that I wanted to go for it. Guess what I started crushing my goals. Watch the replay here
Episode 44 — Tuesday, November 14th — Crush The Holidays — 21 Ways To Do It Without Crushing Calories 

On Tuesday I’ll be hosting my show with LeeAnne Hayden we’ll be talking about how to survive the holidays without counting a calories.

So many of told me that you me that you lose motivation through the holidays, you know it’s more than just avoiding the buffet and that you can’t out run a bad diet.

Leeanne and I will talk how to feel amazing this holiday season without stressing about calories.

If you are done complaining about the holiday weight gain, and want to head into the holidays feeling confident and strong. Watch the replay right here Show notes available 72 hours after show airs.  Ready to crush the holiday right now — grab your holiday guide here. 


Episode 43 — Tuesday, October 24th — Breaking Free of Self Sabotage 

Have you ever wondered why, negative thoughts can come into our minds as easily as positive thoughts. Maybe it’s because we are surrounded by bad news on TV and social media. In the last year I feel like I more bad news than good news. It’s gets us thinking when is the bad going to happen to me. We all have those thoughts. We are hitting the gym, we are losing weight and things feel amazing things are going AWESOME.

Then we think oh crap this is too easy, it should be harder than this so you decide to have just one cookie because you deserve it for all the good that you’ve been doing and then you inhale the whole bag. Maybe you’ve been working on a new product launch you are almost done writing the sales page and then boom suddenly you decide that you can’t go any further without going through your inbox to delete all the old emails that you don’t need anymore.

Everyone sabotages themselves once in awhile. But some people do it often enough that it seriously impedes their efforts to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. On Tuesday, we’ll talk about the main cause of sabotage and how to overcome them.

Some of the most common are:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of Success
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Low self-esteem

Show Notes

Episode 42 — Tuesday October 10th — You Have A Healthy Person Inside You! 

We all have a dream. A dream of a better body, a better or different life, a dream job, dream partner, dream family, you feel me. Just as we all dream we all question whether we have what it takes to get what you have been desiring and dreaming of.

Then we hear that voice of doubt that springs up and tells us that we can’t do it or we are worthy of achieving that goal.

It’s our ego, our ego wants us to stay stuck! This is when you need to dig deep and tap into your fears and find the courage to overcome be doing things differently. Be comfortable being a beginner and learn to roll with the ups and downs of trying anything new.

On Tuesday, October 10th, we’ll talk how to deal with adversity, how to start feel comfortable and confident doing new things and learn how to be willing to go on the journey and stay when things get tough. Replay Show Notes


Episode 41 — Tuesday, September 26th 6:30pm EST — Rebel Against The Diet Rules: Creative Ways To Live A Healthy Life! 

I know we all preconceived notions as to what fitness should look like. Most of them seem AWESOME and then life sets. We miss one day then another than we stop going all together and tell ourselves we’ll start up again when things are less busy.

Instead of following rules — what if you made your own rules on how to fit health and fitness into your life.

Join me on Tuesday, September 26th 6:30pm where I’ll share some creative, simple tips that you take ACTION on. Replay  — Show Notes 





Episode 40 — Tuesday, September 12th 6:30pm EST — Reboot Your Life Using These 4 Principles

There is no cookie cutter program that will solve all problems instead I’ve created a framework helps you to embrace your natural strengths and focus on what’s possible for you when it comes to getting healthy. You will take the time to discover how to define your self-image without the use of a scale. Develop a healthy living approach that is unique to you and your life. Now is the time, to prove to yourself that you can do it, be strong and love yourself no matter what. Show Notes Grab your framework here 

The 4-part consistency framework include:

Consistency – developing body-friendly thoughts and habits

Creativity – in learning the most effective and efficient ways to exercise

Courage – to own your body like a boss

Confidence – to stop putting your life on hold and go for it.


Episode 39 — Tuesday, August 22nd 6:30pm EST  — Breaking Up With Perfectionism

We as women put so much pressure on ourselves. Pressure to be the best –the best Mom, employee, spouse, girlfriend, and friend, you name. The mind-chatter sometimes gets so loud you ask yourself is there room for any other thoughts. Here is where we talk about balance. It’s hard to be “perfect” and live a full life. You aren’t present when your mind chatter is always yelling “coulda, woulda or shoulda”, as Susan Powter you to shout STOP THE INSANITY! Don’t’ know who she is GTS – google that shit.

On this episode we will talk about how to do you keep the main thing the main thing. Replay Show Notes 





Episode 38 — Tuesday, August 8th 6:30pm EST 

Only supermodels can give birth in the bathroom and then rock the runway. I get so frustrated when my new mommies get down on themselves for not walking out in their pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. Or when I’m with a new mom and a caring friend or stranger says you will get your body back.
Why is it so important that we get our bodies back immediately. Why does society tell us to do that versus be kind to yourself and focus on keeping your kid alive.
My guest on Tuesday’s show is all about how do you change the mindset. Replay
Show Notes 



Episode 37 — Tuesday, July 25th 6:30pm EST What You Can Do To Get Motivated Right Now

Right now I’d like to you to check in with yourself on your motivation levels.  Over the past week, month or year how has your motivation been’  And I’m talking to you specifically around your body, your life, your relationships or your business. ,Are you someone who’s really going for it and trying to build and create something that’s exciting that you will look back at say hey check me out’

As you know, any goal like this that’s big and requires effort. There will be some high points and exciting times and there are also going to be some low points, times where things don’t go as expected or don’t go as planned or you just personally are not connected to what you’re doing. It’s going to happen.

Feeling motivation all over again or re-motivating yourself, so to speak, doesn’t necessarily just happen by default, unless you’re one of these tiny percentage of people out there that are always motivated and on fire and passionate, the rest of us actually have to consciously do this.

 On this episode on Fab Fit TV, I will be giving you some strategies to help you feel motivated when you need it the most.
You’ll  walk away with one or two ideas that you can implement starting today so that any time you even notice your passion levels are dipping, you can implement one of these ideas, get back on track.  Replay Show Notes


Episode 36 — How to Kick Butt In Life — July 8th

Isn’t it time you took the pressure off yourself and gave yourself permission to get a handle on your schedule”

One of of the biggest reasons why people say they can’t work out is because of they are too busy.

If you increased your productivity do you think you could find 30 minutes to make it to the gym, go for a walk, do a little yoga, meditate, take a bath or just sit on your bum.

Declare independence from busy and learn how to kick butt in your life.

Replay  17 Ways Action Guide 





Episode 35 — 8 Simple Steps To Make Summer Weight Loss A Reality.  {REPLAY} — June 27, 2017

christina_transformationSpring comes and our minds fast forward to summer. We think of all the warm summer days with the sun shining on our faces and warm summer nights sitting outside watching the sunset while sharing laughs and memories with great friends and family. Then we think “I have some extra winter fluff to remove.” Now here’s where most of you will put a food group on blast and remove it from your “diet” thinking it’s the silver bullet to help dump those last few pounds. Some of you may go the exercise route and try to burn it off at the gym. During this show I will give you 8 tips to help fast track your summer weight loss goals







Episode 34 — 10 Ways To Sleep Increases Your Productivity 


We all want to get shit done. We’re grinding, hustling and building our empires, but I tell you if you are dragging ass NONE of that will happen. Plan on getting in at least 7 hours of sleep — no sleep, no energy, no energy, no hustle, no hustle, no money!

Are you hearing me now!

Create a ritual around your bedtime!!! Making something you look forward to.
Each night I read for at least 10 minutes or 10 pages.
I meditate for 10 minutes
I write at least 3-10 gratitude’

So… What do you do before bed”’ Creating a ritual helps you to look forward to going to bed and getting the sleep your body needs. Join me on Tuesday where I share 10 ways to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.  Replay Show notes 

Episode 33 — 9 Ways To Beat Burn Out! 

You are struggling to get through the day. You’re wired, you’re tired. Caffeine is your spirit animal, your life raft, hell you’d even marry it. Your to do list has a to do list. You feel you are never going to get ahead. Your days are jam-packed with activity, meetings, emails, phone calls and messages and one project after another. You try to maintain a sense of calm and focus in the midst of the chaos of your day. You are left wondering if you will ever come up for air. Tonight I will sharing 9 ways to beat burn out.

Replay  Show notes





Episode 32 — Habit Setting Mistakes Everyone Makes And How To Fix Them’ 

Good habits are easy to begin. Every day millions of people around the world resolve to make their life better in some way. These are not lazy people. They work very hard to get the result they’re looking for. Yet new habits can be incredibly frustrating to make stick. 



Episode 31 –The Power Of 1 Thing – Your Lifestyle Intervention
Have you heard that all or nothing leads to nothing” So many times I hear women rattle off a list of ALL things, the rules, they must follow or do if they are going to go all in to hit their goals!!  They do this for a bit then get burnt out and their old habits start to creep back in.  So if you’ve shouted — I hate dieting!  The best way I know how to do that is to break up with the all or nothing mindset is to focus on one thing. When you focus on “one thing” it helps you to put things in perspective. Join me on Tuesday when I break down how you go about choosing your one thing and how it can lead to making other healthy choices down the line. Watch replay here.  Show Notes 





Episode 30 — 10 Ways Getting Healthy Boosts Your Confidence 


I’ve been able to achieve much in my life because of my confidence. One thing that really gets me fired up is when I don’t see women stepping up and claiming what they want. I see them getting overwhelmed by too many choices and not knowing which direction to turn or not having confidence in themselves about just going for it. In this episode I share 10 Ways Exercise Boosts Your Self Confidence. Watch the replay here. 



Episode 29 — 10 ways to go on vacation still have fun and not gain pound!!

I love it. everyone kills themselves to get in shape for vacation and then when they when on vacation they are eating and drinking like food and drink will they will never see food again.

There is a way to go on vacation, have fun and not be up 10 pounds.

My goal is life is to break women of this diet mindset, where you are stuck in the endless gain and lose game.

Come don’t you agree that game sucks ass big time!!! Watch the replay here. 

grab your action guide here 


Episode 27 — Tuesday, February 28th 6:30pm 8 No Stress Ways To Lose Weight Grab

You have been there done that and have plenty of plastic shaker bottles and t-shirts cataloging all the different diets that you’ve tried.

Maybe some worked. some made you feel like shit, some made you amazing for awhile. They all worked until they didn’t.

Imagine if eating was as simple as sleeping’ You knew what to eat, the amount to eat. What you if the answer was following these 8 simple rules”

Imagine changing your life
▶️no longer stressing about what to eat
▶️ focusing on a lifestyle choices and not following meal plans
▶️ and being more present in your body vs accepting this is how it is

Watch Live Tuesday. Grab your 8 Step Action Guide Here. 


Episode 26 — Tuesday, February 7th 6:30pm  Want To Love The Body That You Are In’ Focus On Setting Smaller Goals!

It happens to everyone, you get excited about starting a new diet, a new workout program or just ready to make serious change about you health! We set big goals and have big expectations about what’s possible for us!!  On Fab Fit TV we will touch base on how to set smaller goals so that you can achieve momentum and actually achieve more.

During the show we will talk about what is a realistic goal. We’ve all done it, got all excited and gung ho for all the changes we were going to make in our lives. Yet, we forgot to focus on our current situation. I”m not saying that you can’t change, but you need to be realistic about how quickly you can make changes — are you a speedy sally, middle of the road mary or comfortable connie.

You all so need to consider the pitfalls. It’s called life, kids get sick, cars break down, bosses have us work late or bad weather. Whatever it is, there will always be something that pops up! How will you go around, over, under or burst right through when you face a set back’

How will you know how you are doing’ Remember when you were a kid and you were get to a new level in a game you’d want to save it and show off to anyone who would listen =) Grab your Goal Action Guide right here. Watch the replay right here.


Episode 25 — Tuesday January 24th 6:30pm Set Easy Health and Fitness Goals 

I want you to know that eating and training to get a lean, sexy, slender physique can ACTUALLY be very straightforward. Yup — it can be.

Once you cut through all the BS!! 

This eposide will show you how you can get your dream body without using any of the drastic measures.

So if you are looking to lose a few pounds for a vacation, or you want to blast body fat to fit into that little black dress, or maybe starting speaking on stage, this show is for you. Ways to build a sustainable healhty living life. Grab your show notes here. Watch the replay right here!! 






Episode 24 — Tuesday, January 10th 6:30pm Becoming the True You 

It frustrates the shit out of me when I see people blindly following someone else plan hoping and praying that will work for them.

I’m so fucking tired of seeing women fail at trying to lose weight, eat healthier and then beat the shit out of themselves over how they look. GAAAAA

Listen up!!!

🚫You’re failing because you are following someone else’s plan!!
🚫You’re failing because you’re not willing to be a beginner
🚫You’re failing because you’re not creating a plan that works for you and your life.

Imagine if you were able to master the 6 things that could make getting a fit body as easy as sleeping”

Listen up — I’m dropping some knowledge

Watch replay Grab the show notes right here