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23 Ways To Get Motivated To Workout!

One of the biggest things I hear from my folks is how to stay and get motivated. Trust me there are plenty of days that I don’t want to get out of my warm bed to workout, so I use many of these to get my ass out of bed. Have a look and leave me a comment below as to which one you will use.

  1. The after glow! No one skips to the gym every workout, but damn that feeling after it, it’s a high. I use that to that motivate me on those morning when it’s dark, cold and rainy.
  2. It’s me time. I workout first thing in the morning, it’s my time. It’s the time where I’m not on deadline for anyone. I don’t owe anyone anything. This is where I clear my head and believe it or not this is where I get most of my creative downloads. I make “me” time a priority, and don’t miss that appointment.
  3. Weight management. Move it or lose it. Sure watching what I eat is key, but you also gotta move your body.
  4. Having fun. This is HUGE. if you are doing something you hate or don’t look forward to you won’t last long. Exercise should be fun. If it isn’t, try a different kind of activity that you enjoy. As long as you’re moving, it’s good for you.
  5. Picture the future!!! This can be tricky when you feel like you are far from your goal. Trust me, visualization has been cornerstone for me. I l close my eyes and see a slimmer, leaner me!! I take that to how will I feel when I hit that goal and it puts a smile on my face.
  6. Magazines. Now this is a double edge sword for some. I use magazines, as way to see what’s possible!! It motivates me to read fitness magazines. Now if this is not the case for you and you read them and start playing the comparison game then I recommend you don’t look at them.
  7. Blogs. I’m an info junkie, I really like researching the shit of stuff and seeing how I can improve my results OR results for my clients. I also enjoy reading blogs about it shows the ups and downs they go through, and you can learn from their experiences.
  8. Success stories. I find the success stories of others incredibly inspirational. They show me that we all have our own shit and if you have a strong enough goal that can overcome anything. I read these stories when I feel like having a pity party!!
  9. Facebook Groups. It helps to be with other people who are feeling the same way you are about getting healthy. Knowing that you aren’t alone, knowing that you everyone has the same challenges that you do trying to get healthy. You also share your victories and hacks for ways you overcome different obstacles. It really helps. Here’s a link to my Facebook Group.
  10. Rewards. I do this all the time, monthly workouts or when I hit my goals. My husband and I make a pact to workout for 200 times in a year. Every workout we put a $1 in a jar. At the end of the month we count out how many times we worked out and use that money to offset a dinner out or a movie. You can do the same thing, with pedicures, massages, travel, workout clothes, music.
  11. Fitting into everything in my closet. Most days you’ll find me in yoga pants and a fleece! But I do make it a point to go out in the world in real clothes. My goal is to not worry if only a few things in my closet will fit! I want grab whatever I want and just put it on!!!
  12. Stress relief. Back in my corporate career exercise was my salvation!!! When I was frustrated with a situation or my blood sucking boss, I would go out for a run. When I got back from that run I would forget what I was pissed off about. I’d be recharged and in a much mental headspace.
  13. Time for contemplation. I love, love the quiet time of exercise for thinking about things. Most of this post was written in my head as I exercised.
  14. A workout partner. If you aren’t motivated to workout on your own finding a workout partner is ideal. My workout partner is my husband; we keep each other accountable especially when we both don’t wan to get out of bed on those cold New England mornings. Do you have someone that could be your workout partner’ Think about it like this if you make plans with someone you don’t want to leave anyone hanging.
  15. An exercise class. Don’t want to come up with your own workouts’ Head to a class, perhaps with a friend, and you’ll be motivated to get there and work out. If you need a little extra motivation go to one of those boutique classes where if you don’t show up you’ll be charged.
  16. A coach or trainer. I’ve been a trainer for over 15 years and many of clients needed an appointment with someone would tell them what to do. They were busy executives and made decisions all day. This was “their “ time and just went with the flow. So.. if you’ve ever wondered were trainers or coaches worth the money, the answer is a YES!
  17. An exercise log/graph. How will you know how you are doing if you don’t track! I have a work log from when I first got serious about working out. Each workout I go in with a plan, when you wing it, you will not do what is necessary. Plus how will you know if you are improving. Every 2-4 weeks you should be able to lift heavier weights
  18. Your before picture. This is a tough one. Not many like to have their pics taken, but I tell you if you aren’t’ taking your pic, how will you know how you are doing’ I know you will want to do this with a scale, but the scale can’t tell you the entire pics. Track your journey with pics, you’ll be glad you did. You often don’t realize how far you’ve come. Take pictures.
  19. I want to live to my 90s. My grandmother is 93 and still very active. My goal is to be like her. I want to be able to do what I want and not let my body hold me back. As they say move it or lose it.
  20. Break up with the scale. It’s not motivating to weigh yourself every day, as your weight fluctuates. Do the combination of pics and measuring tape to get a overall sense of what is happening.
  21. Set a measurable goal. A number of days to work out, a number of miles to run this week, number of clean meals you will eat or set a bed time. Setting and tracking a goal helps motivate you to complete that goal. Make it easily achievable. If getting healthy is a new habit set smaller daily goals so that you feel confident to build momentum. I’ve been working with my clients to set 3 small daily goals/day.
  22. Posting it on your blog or social media. We all want to root for someone. Share your journey with the world!! Let them know the highs and the lows. Already fit, most people are always looking for a new recipe, meal ideas, workouts or just motivation. Make the world part of your story.
  23. Motivational quotes. I’m a sucker them!!!! Print them out or put them on your computer desktop or wallpaper on your phone.

So, what’s your motivation”  Need some additional support. I created a 7 day express coaching program to help you get started and keep moving forward.


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