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3 Things To Consider Before Diving Into your Goals

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This is the time of year where we all make goals, resolutions and grand promises that the New Year is going to be awesome. You’re all giddy to get this party started. But hold your horses; let’s go over your goals first and consider a few things.

Is It Realistic’

It may sound harsh to you but let’s face it, sometimes your ideas may be too far fetched, weird or unrealistic considering your current situation. I’m a fan of starting with smaller goals that will inspire and motivate you to think bigger. A journey starts with the first step. Learning a new skill could be your goal first before you actually get to your real goal. We all learned to crawl first before we learned to sprint.

What Are The Potential Problems That Might Prevent You From Achieving It’

I’m all about having a plan b. Shit will always happen so you might as plan on it. I say this not to discourage you but just to let you know it’s normal and should be expected. Life does have it bumps in the road. The best plan b’s help you to be ready for them by identifying them first. List all the things that might go wrong (cars break down, kids get sick, you get sick, deadlines, you get it).

Have You Established Milestones to Review’

We all want results. Here is where I challenge you to set milestones that you can review to see where you are. This way you can see how far you’ve come since the first day you. . I like using pictures and a good old fashion tape measure. This is also a good way to motivate you. Give yourself a tap on the back once in a while, who doesn’t need a confidence booster!

Do not let anything hold you back from the fulfilling the picture you are seeing for your future. Start small but dream big. Be ready for anything that will come along the way and lastly, reward yourself for all the actions that you are and will take.

This January I will be start a new program called Project You. I’m putting the finishing touches on it so please stay tuned!!



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