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3 Meal Prep Hacks to Help Make It Easy on You

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Meal prepping is an excellent way to eat healthier and lose weight.

When you have food in the house you are less likely to swing by the drive through or hang out by the vending machine. It’s a big time savings do that during the week, when life get hectic you know you can always reach in the fridge and food ready to go!!

When I meal prep I just focus on lunch — I make my dinner fresh every night. Most of us work from home and I find that making lunch breaks my flow or if I’m between coaching calls, it’s easier to just grab something prep cooked then to plan around making lunch.

Plus — I don’t really enjoy cooking so this makes one less meal to deal with during the week.

▶️ Choose one time per week to cook. If you can, shop and cook your meals on one particular day and time each week.

▶️ Use a crock pot or insta pot to save time and effort. Pinterest is brimming over with recipes.

▶️ Plan for snacks. Rather than leaving your fate to the vending machines or what’s in the display case at your favorite coffee shop.

Enjoyment of your food is key here – and when you love a recipe or enjoy eating leftovers, it’s perfectly okay to make up a batch and serve it later on during the week.

I shop on Saturdays and cook on Sunday evening. I’m not a Martha Stewart! So don’t think it’s gourmet throw down!!

  • I buy 2 different veggies (butter squash, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, green beans, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower)
  • I buy 2-3 different lean proteins (I’ve gone vegan, but my hubby ain’ about the so I need to have some meat in the house)
  • I cook a big batch of rice or quinoa — I add in some green veggies
  • I’ll make a roasted veggie soup
  • I’ll have a big ass salad

This is all done in 1 hour on Sunday. I’m not spending hours in the kitchen nor am i posting freaking a picture of a million pieces of tupperware!!!

I’m all about efficiency. I get in an out of the kitchen no messing around!!!

What’s your hack to get your food prepped”’


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