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3 Ways to Burn More Calories While Walking

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When it comes to weight loss, spending hours at the gym or getting into an at-home fitness regimen might not be for everyonee. Especially if you’re just getting started or  you might not be prepared or willing or ready to start regimented workouts. I also like walking for those who have hormonal imbalances. Walking is easy, low impact, and you don’t even need a whole lot of time to do it if you’ve got a busy schedule. If you’re looking to burn a few more calories during your next walk, try some of these tips to add to your exercise.

  1. Try differing paces.
    One option is to start out your normal walking speed and slowly ramp up your pace until you’ve found somewhere comfortable that’s a little quicker or more deliberate than you normally walk and then bring it back down when you’ve had enough, varying your pace until you’ve finished your walk. You can fast walk to one tree and then slow walk  to the next and continue like that until you finish your walk.
  2. Walk in different places.
    I love that I live near the Charles River in Boston, it’s an amazing place to go for walks. It’s never dull.  I do venture out to other places in the Boston area to meet up with friends, but it seems like all my walks center around water.  So i you are getting bored just circling the block a few times so try to plan out something new and different every once in a while if you have time. Pick a walking trail at a local park or find a nature trail in an outdoors or camping area that suits your level of activity. Having varied terrain like winding paths and hills can help you to work a little harder and also gives you some beautiful scenery to enjoy while you exercise.
  3. Find some walking buddies or join a fitness/walking group.
    One of my favorite ways to catch up with my friends or to hold a business meeting is by going for a walk. I’ve also found that making dates with my husband has been a wonderful way to strengthen our relationship. Finding someone to walk with will help to keep you motivated while also bringing along some company to enjoy on your walks. Having someone to walk with can be just what you need to help you stay focused and, in some cases, might give you cause to walk longer or more often than you might have originally.
    Whether you’re on day one of your diet plan or you’re looking for something small you can add to your existing weight loss regimen, walking is a great and low impact choice to help you warm up or wind down.

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