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Can You Stay Productive While Traveling”

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Today is all about when traveling how do you stay up your business.  This past year, I’ve traveled more than I have in several years and it’s become a little bit of a juggling game, but I think I was able to manage it with freaking myself out or having my husband feel like I was working while on vacation. So.. here is how I was able to do and still enjoy 15 days in Europe.

Productivity –– I was 6 hours ahead of the east coast, so in the AM I checked emails and sent out information. I set a timer and limited myself to just 1 hour of work. The agreement with my husband was if I got an email that made me crazy and “not fun” I had to do a shot of tequila. There were no tequila shots =). I also gave my clients 2 months notice that I was traveling and they were aware that this was a special trip. In the past, I’ve done the same where I worked for a few hours in the morning giving myself a deadline and then enjoying the day and coming back and night to finish up or play catch up.

Let me put a different spin on this. If I were staying somewhere for a period of time. The big thing would be to have structure. I need to set up time block so that I know and my clients know when I’m available and when I’ll allow myself some downtime to explore and enjoy where I am.

Staying healthy — This is a non-negotiable. I always make sure that there is a gym either on location or within close proximity. I also make sure that we do a lot of walking to make sure we are maximizing our activity levels.

Keeping up with clients — Here is where I would struggle, a bit. I had a great scheduling tool that I loved and then it was “sunsetted” then I found another tool that was okay, but now that’s having challenges as well. So.. now I really need to find another tool that I will like and can ensure that clients can book my time easily.

Keeping in touch with your network — This is something I will need to write into my schedule. I am a big user of social media, so this will be a general what’s up, but to make folks feel special, I will use Zoho to create my follow up list. This gives me all the information I need in 1 place and I can update what the conversation was about.


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