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4 Ways To Enjoy A Guilt Free Vacation

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When it comes to vacations many of us press the panic button and freak out about how to maintain healthy living while still have

a fun and enjoyable vacation! Sure it can be challenging, but not impossible.  Here are a few tips that will help stay on task and help you from feeling guilty afterward.

1️⃣ Eat in

Get a fridge in your room and make breakfast in your room. It’s easy enough to bring some fresh fruit, yogurts, pre-cooked hard boiled eggs, cereal or protein shakes. You’ll save a little money and your waistline will love you. Most places have a nearby market.

2️⃣Eat like you do at home

Willpower will only take you but so far. Keep it simple, yes there will be so many different and delicious dishes enjoy, but really focus on foods that won’t leave you feeling bloated and gross!! Think about  mostly for fresh fruit, vegetables and lean grilled meats. Sure have a few few desserts or entrees, but keep them limited.

3️⃣Watch portion size

It is easy to overeat while on vacation. Meals ordered off of a menu are usually about twice as big as what they should be. The solution is to only eat half your meal, share a meal with the person you are with or order two appetizers.


You may not be able to get in your traditional workouts, but it’s easy enough factor in walking. Grab your walking shoes and go do it. Walking is great exercise. Take your FitBit with you, you would be surprised at just how many steps you take on an average day. From walking along the beach in the morning to exploring a local market during the day, they all add up. And not all steps are created equally. For example, walking in soft sand on the beach barefoot is harder than walking on a hard surface with shoes. You’ll be using different muscles. You can do bodyweight workouts in your room or out in a grassy area.

With a little discipline eating and exercising, it is not that hard to stick to your healthy living plan while enjoying yourself on vacation. Enjoy the location and cuisine, but like everything else … in moderation!

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