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4 Micro Habits To Add Your Health

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According to the American Medical Association, as many as 40% of individuals being described as being overweight, and 2/3 of those individuals have tried some kind of weight loss / health regimen in the last year.  With so many women concerned with their health, its no wonder that this is a favorite area to make changes. The good news’ MicroHabits work particularly well in this category!  

Health is the number one thing that people want to change in their lives, well begin there.  

Drink Water 

Being chronically dehydrated is such a common thing that its thought that up to 75% of Americans arent drinking enough water. But other than being a little dry-mouthed whats the problem’ Simply put, dehydration can cause a whole host of health problems that include making it hard to concentrate all the way down to making your heart race. Water is really that important! 

What can you do’ 

Make a point to drink more water throughout the day. Try setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to stop and grab a drink of water. How much should you have’ Take your weight and divide that number by 2. Thats how many ounces of water you should drink in the course of a day. An added benefit’ Youll find you eat less if youre drinking more. Most of your hunger pangs are actually thirst in disguise. Drink water before getting your first cup of coffee. Grab that drink before reaching for a snack; you might find you dont need that snack after all. 

Walk more 

Getting more exercise is integral to good health. But heres where most people go wrong. You hear that youre supposed to walk 10,000 steps in a day to be healthy and suddenly theyre trying to step like crazy just to make up the numbers. Going too hard at the beginning can lead to the classic crash and burn. While you cant dispute that aerobic exercise is good for you, too much too soon doesnt benefit anyone.  

What can you do’ 

Focus on the MicroHabits. Add steps in small ways. Take the parking space further from the door when youre out shopping. Take the stairs instead of the elevator when you get to work. The key here is to be consistent.  

Still hung up on that step counter’ Then set tiny habits here too. Instead of trying for that 10,000-step goal all at once, set something smaller. Look at how much walking you do usually and challenge yourself to walk a hundred steps further than that for the next week. Then build on this number slowly, setting new tiny habits as needed until youre in step with your final goal. 

Eat your veggies 

While youve probably heard that eating your leafy greens are good for you, do you know why’ Veggies are low in the stuff youre trying to avoid like fat and processed carbohydrates and high in the stuff you want like fiber, vitamins and minerals which your body needs to keep running at optimal condition. 

What can you do’ 

Try adding a vegetable to your plate at every meal. Therere so many great veggies to choose from that you can try a different one every day and not run out of ideas for months. Try cooking them in different ways than you usually do, making a micro-habit of trying out new recipes. You can even simplify things by just committing to eating veggies as your afternoon snack.  

 Dont forget the protein 

While veggies are an obvious choice for your good health, did you know that you likewise need protein in your diet as well’ In fact, you should be eating protein at every meal. Why’ Protein is one of those building blocks for things like bone, muscles, and blood.  

But more than that, eating protein is good for your metabolism, especially if youre trying to lose weight. It also helps to keep your blood sugar up (which might be important if youre dropping a lot of carbs for other reasons).  

What can you do’ 

This is a fairly easy tiny habit to build. Simply make a point to add protein at every meal. Or decide to make protein part of your snacking habit by high protein foods to your repertoire.  


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