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There Will Always Be Challenges To Overcome

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I just recorded my 100th episode on my Fit Girl Magic Podcast and to think I’ve hit 100 just has blown my mind! Now, I am going to be real with you, this wasn’t the 100th episode I had planned for, but it is ok! It was supposed to be with the women who gave me the kick in the butt to start this podcast, but with a last-minute schedule change we had to postpone. Then the OH CRAP moment hit me. What the heck am I supposed to do now!’So I took a step back, freaked out for a hot minute and tried to figure out what my next step would be for this. I was in full blown OH CRAP mode and I had to think how was I going to handle this situation. I know that many of my clients find themselves in OH CRAP mode and sometimes it takes them completely out of the game. They are hit with something from out of nowhere and sometimes they just have to step up and say, This is how it is going to be. And that is what I had to do.


So, I reached out to my team to let them know what was going on because sometimes you have to defer your brain to someone else and my team came in with ideas that just got me knowing I can do this! THIS is what coaching is like! You have to get ideas and input from outside sources sometimes in order to reach your goals or see where you need to be, or to tell yourself you need to slow things down a bit! Sometimes we get so caught up in the doing and we sometimes forget about the strategy because we are pushing through life way too fast.

So, with brainstorming, I decided that the best thing to talk about in this podcast is how it all got started. How I had to overcome challenges to start this podcast and just go back to the beginning. We ALL have to overcome challenges in our lives, especially when we least expect them, but it is how we push through them and persevere that really matters. So where did it start and what was my push behind it’ What gave me the inspiration to talk about what we talk about and the guests I have on. And it all comes down to the information we are being fed as women

When I started this podcast, I asked what is happening to women over 40” They are getting A LOT of misinformation and they just don’t know where to go or what to do with all of this information being pushed at them.

When I hit 40, I was doing all the things and still gaining weight. So, my doctor told me to stop eating sandwiches. But never asked me what I ate. Listen I don’t eat sandwiches and I haven’t since I was 10 So why are we being told this stuff!’

It made me wonder how many other women are hearing this same advice and stopped eating carbs and dieting into oblivion!! They are getting misinformation and being told THE WRONG THINGS!! And I just knew that there had to be an answer somewhere. And I knew that I could figure it out!

So, what I wanted to do was come on this podcast and help me to reach more and more women so they know it’s not about labeling good food bad food and you don’t have to be a certain weight to truly reach your goals. This was going to be the same concept I took with my clients and that was helping women to work on their mindset! Working with clients on the mindset! Shifting from what the scale says and just finding ways to feel good while nourishing their bodies and giving their bodies what they need.

I want women to break free of that You need to eat a certain amount of calories every day based on what you read on Facebook. And instead, start with where you actually want to go. Where the hell are we going’ How do we make better choices and not blame anyone else for those choices! Because if you want to eat a fun meal, eat that fun meal and OWN THAT SHIT! I am never going to be that coach that says you can’t go out and have fun foods. That is asking you to go out and binge if I didn’t. You can have this fun meal and not lose your shit and be ok with it!

We just have to come to figure out what the plan is going into that. Let’s get creative and shift away from the plan you have been doing for the last 20 years. I want to help you to get the courage to do something different and get different results! I want to help you to get towards where you want to be without getting stuck in diet culture and actually feel good!

It doesn’t matter how successful or unsuccessful you are right now, what matters is whether your habits are putting you on the path towards success.
-James Clear

What are the habits you are doing right now’ What is your process’ Is that process making you successful’ It’s our process that gives you the progress. Own who you are. Connect into your body. Connect into what your body needs so that you can ultimately hit your goals without it being hard. Now it can be uncomfortable. But where I want you to focus on is where you want to go.

So, I wrote a little manifesto as to where I WANTED TO GO with this business. Where I wanted to take it and how I wanted to help women through this podcast. It was uncomfortable at first and it felt sooo big I just didn’t know. But at a conference, I just started writing and I wrote down what it was that I dreamed of for this business and what I truly wanted to do. And this is what has shaped the podcast as to who I have on and what we talk about and what we bring to you!

Flip Flop Life Manifesto

How I wanted to feel in my life.

I wanted to feel like a woman who was dedicated to living her best life, a life where I believe that anything is possible.

I was devoted to breaking the rules and doubts that have kept me stuck sitting in my own self-imposed prison.

I accept where I am today. But know, that is just temporary. I decided that I can do and have anything that I want.

I am committed to living my best life. I define and know that I am worthy of living my best life.

I am enough. I have enough. And I do enough.

I lead with grace over perfection.

I am bold and I am free.

I let go of the stories that have kept me stuck and sitting on the sidelines for my life.

I go for what I want.

It’s okay for me to focus on one thing at a time, I will have more success over time when I do this.

I have boundaries. It’s okay for me to say no without an explanation.

I do not need others to agree with me to make me feel okay. I can respectfully disagree. I stand in my own power.

I happily accept responsibility for my own life.

I am a work in process. And I can’t wait to uncover myself.
I am unique.

I believe that things will unfold on it’s own timeline. I can’t force it.

I am passionate. I am fierce. I am loving.

I am fierceness wrapped in gentleness.

Flip flops are how I express my freedom. I let my life be easy. It’s flip flops on my feet and sun in my face every single day.

I believe life is like wearing flip flops every single day.

That is the vision I wrote down of how I wanted my life to be. I wanted it to be the flip flop life In the sun and on the beach. That is my happy place. AND THAT is where I want all women to be. THAT is what I want all women to feel like.

I wrote that manifesto and I decided to call the podcast Fit Girl Magic because I wanted the women who came to this podcast to feel like Magic Makers! I wanted them to know that they can make magic within themselves because they are looking for:
Their consistency because they know they will earn their easy when they find consistency.
They will have the body of their dreams and feel good in their body all the time.
They love what they see in their bodies.
They honor commitments to themselves.
They understand the Fit Girl Magic formula.

And that Fit Girl Magic formula is great habits lead to great routines, those routines lead to consistency, and that consistency is what ultimately is going to get you those long-lasting results.

That is the main focus of this podcast. My goal is to bring you people to listen to that will help you better understand the shit that is in your life that can derail you or possibly derail you.

We’ve talked about sleep, menopause, hormones, birth control, and veganism. We’ve talked about money, we’ve talked about divorce, we’ve talked about dating, we have talked about stress. We’ve talked about mobility and keeping our bodies active as we age. Now, after the big 100 we have some amazing stuff in store! We’re going to talk about how you deal with your aging parents, and we’re going to talk about ADHD & gut health. We are going to help you make educated choices and how it factors into our lives, and how you ask better questions so when you do go to your doctors, you can ask smarter questions and just don’t take what they say to you. There are soooo many things on my list and I cannot wait for what is in store!

My ultimate goal with this podcast and why I created it was because I just want you to feel confident in your body, give yourself grace and know that where you are is just temporary and you don’t have to suffer to get the results. Weight in just a point in time. It is a stepping point. My ultimate goal for all of you is to show up, handle the challenges that are present to us and the challenges that are going to help us grow and help us show up for what’s up.

You are a magic maker; you decide where you want it to be and what it is going to be.

What I want to leave you with is this Some of you get caught up in this picture of perfection Whatever it is you tell yourself perfection looks like. If you don’t hit a certain weight, you will be stuck forever and THAT IS NOT TRUE! The first mistake is never going to ruin you it is the spiral that happens afterwards. Look at the mistake as an accident and DON’T give yourself the option to go down that rabbit hole. And if you can’t stop yourself from this, let’s help you to BREAK FREE of this. I hope that I can help you to find some of your FIT GIRL MAGIC!!!

A big thank you to all of you who listen to the podcast, from day 1 until now and all in between, I am so so grateful for all of you.

YOU ARE Fit Girl Magic; you have helped me make this into a 100 episode show with over 25,000 downloads. You guys ROCK and thank you so much for all of it and I CANNOT wait for the next 100 episodes!

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