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5 Common Mistakes Women Make Trying To Get Fit

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Many women take on fitness training with the hope that it will help them to lose weight. When trying to get fit that may hit some stumbling blocks to progress. Here are the most common ones

  1. Becoming Obsessed with Cardio
    I’m guilty of this, I used to spend HOURS on the stepmill. I had to to at least 30 minutes in the morning and then another 60 minutes at night man o man! I get it you are sweating you are feeling your muscle and you just feel like you are sweating out the fat!!! The problem with only doing cardio is that this form of exercise also burns muscle. As a result, you’ll become ‘skinny fat, a cruel paradoxical physique where the body appears lean in clothes but actually has higher body fat percentage because of lost muscle mass. Plus too much cardio can kick up your cravings so you’ll find yourself eating more calories.

    Looking for a lean body’ Lift weights!! Strength training builds muscle burns fat and gives your metabolism a nice boost for up to 48 hours post exercise.
  2. Not lifting heavy weights
    It still blows my mind that the myth that lifting weights will make you bulky still makes me crazy. If you are staying away from weights heavier than 5 pounds, then you are missing out!! Adding weight lifting into your routine will help you build muscle that will help you burn more calories at rest. What’s more, building muscles will increase your fat burning potential by boosting resting metabolism.

  3. Not eating enough protein
    Protein isn’t just for bodybuilder. If you are a women who workouts, you should be focusing on getting in at least 20-30 grams of protein to support your active lifestyle.

    Eating adequate amounts of protein comes with a few benefits. You’ll fell less hungry because proteins creates a more, satiating feeling that fills the stomach on less food. Your body will have the nutrients it needs to repair the trauma muscles endure during exercise. Lastly, your body will have the nutrients it needs to build new muscle fibers and increase your strength.

  4. Constantly Losing Weight
    Typically, the most common fitness goal women have is to lose weight. But, some individuals stop working out after reaching their target. The cycle then resumes all over again after packing on a few pounds above their ideal weight.

    This is me kindly asking you to stop that practice. Yes, you hit your goal but unless you keep moving you won’t stay there. This is why I challenge my clients to come up with a Realistic workout plan that they are Excited about that they can easily Plan into their lives and is Sustainable for more than a few months.

  5. Cutting Corners to Look Like Fitness Models
    75 percent of all American women have some unhealthy thoughts, feelings about food and their bodies because of the pictures that they see on social media, pictures of fitness models on magazine covers, They feel like wish they looked like that. And, in a rush to get that ‘dream body, they try all kinds of insane diets and fitness programs with the hope of achieving fast results. Unfortunately, more often than not, these desperate tries backfire on them.

    Fad diets make it harder to exercise as energy levels slump due to low calorie intake plus your metabolism will slow down and cause the body to pack on more weight than before. The truth is, if you want to get an athletic fit body, you have to be willing to put in the work that goes into achieve this fitness goal. That means eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis, getting adequate rest and practicing diligence along with patience because body transformations don’t happen overnight.

You Ready For It To Be Different’

Which one of these mistakes are you making’ Which one would be the easiest to change right now’ If you are ready to press the reset button let’s talk I’m putting together a 60 day challenge that starts on July 13th. It’s a way to get you back on track and to not let the summer slide happen to you.

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