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5 Tips For Working Out When You Have No Motivation

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What motivates humans to repeatedly do something that we might not even like to do’ Like working out’ That is a question I get all the time. I want to work out but I’m so not motivated to do so. To get into action, focus on something simple that you know you will do. It could be as simple as walking around the block.

If you tell yourself you lack motivation, the first step is to take action and let me tell you that action doesn’t have to be hard. If you currently aren’t working out, why choose HARD!

To get into action, focus on stopping that you know you will do. It could be as simple as walking around the block.

Need more — check out the rest of these tips


This is one hack that many people use to give them the motivation they need to accomplish something when they really don’t feel like doing it –  a tangible reward. However, be careful that the reward does not undermine the reason you are doing it in the first place. Your choice should not be food, ladies you are not a dog 🤷🏽‍♀️. Maybe you’ll get a spa day, a new piece of fitness equipment, create a new playlist. Love to hear what you’d reward yourself with.


If you aren’t motivated by reward maybe punishment. I had a client that if she missed a workout she would have to put $20 out on the street. She factored that how much it cost her when she didn’t go.

How about you’ Are you motivated by rewards or punishments’


Can you see yourself once you hit your goal’ It’s called mental contrasting and is used as a way to overcome a mental obstacle that is holding you back from doing something.

You close your eyes and see what you will look like when you hit your goal and how you will feel when you hit it. I live in Boston and there are plenty of morning I don’t want to drag my ass out of bed, but I do! I do it because I see where I want to go and ask myself will leaving in bed get me to where I want to.

Will visualization work for you’

Exercise with a friend

This is one of the most powerful motivators! It’s easy to blow ourselves off, but it’s tough for us like to disappoint another person. Exercising with a friend keeps both of you in check. Let’s face it neither one of you wants to disappoint the other person so you show up ready to rock! It is a win/win for both of you.



This is similar to visualization except it is written down on paper. The highs and lows you feel before, during and after working out provides a written record of what motivates you (and what does not). The endorphin rush felt after exercising, the rewards, penalties and feelings – both good and bad – are all stimuli as to why you should power through a workout – even if you do not feel like it at the time.

The “thing” that motivates each of us can differ, but it starts with action. Get one small win under your belt and keep going!

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