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5 Tips To Actually Keep Those New Year’s Health Resolutions

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Raise your hand if you are making a resolution. Is this the year that you give up smoking, get in better shape or finally get around to going on a diet or start the business that you have been dreaming about . Yup you are not alone you thousands of people set resolutions and many fail to follow through.

Well this year you are going to have some help. Me!

Here are five tips to help you hit your healthly resolutions no matter what. Let me warn you , some of these tips are pretty intense and they are certainly not for the week hearted!

You ready to crush it in 2018

Tip 1 Make It Achievable

I know hello captain obvious. Here’s the thing most people don’t. No one climbs Everest in one day. In order to gauge whether or not your goals are actually achievable you are going to write down the steps that you will take to make them happen.

Let’s say you are looking to lose a little weight this winter. Do you say I want to lose 50 pounds and get my 25 year old back the body’ Obviously this is a goal that isn’t achievable for most people. Why’ Because it places an immense amount of immediate stress and targets a much more long-term goal.

Here’s where you get realistic with yourself and focuses on losing the first 10 pounds, is a great resolution, and is much more motivating and realistic. Sure set that long-term goal. Think of it as your final destination but along the way there will need to be check points along the way.

Right now think of your goal(s) and write down the steps that will get you to your goal and be honest with yourself when considering whether or not you are actually going to be able to achieve it.


Tip 2 See Where You Want To Go

Don’t move to this tip unless you’ve taken action on tip 1. Here is where you will remind yourself write down what your goal is and post it in at least five places around your home so that you see it and be reminded of it every day. This will help you to stay on track and not forget what you promised yourself you would achieve.

Every morning of every single day close your eyes and visualize success. You can do this in bed when you wake up or you can spend 5 minutes doing this once you have gotten out of bed, this can even be done in the shower. . Find a spot where you can be alone for 5 minutes and visualize yourself having already achieved your goal.


  1. Feel the feelings of accomplishment and happiness at having achieved your goal.
  2. Imagine how you will feel and think at that point in your life
  3. Make the visualization extremely detailed, I want you to think you are making a movie in your head. What you will hear, what you will see and how you will feel, imagine how proud you can be letting everybody know that you achieved your goal and imagine how happy other people will be for you. This is an extremely powerful way of programming your brain for success. Your brain has no idea if your visualizations are real or imagined. Your brain will begin to believe that you have already achieved your goal and it will transform your body and thoughts!

Tip 3 The More The Merrier

Join forces with a friend or family member who wants to make either the same or a similar goal. Support and encouragement is powerful. It will give you more motivation to stick to your plans and achieve success.

Just make sure that the person you choose has a high level of motivation to achieve their goal too! They should also be able to hold your feet to the fire if you slack off, but also help to motivate you to keep going. Don’t have someone like that in your life’ I think I may know someone who can help support you =)

Tip 4 Be A Blabber Mouth

Tell everyone who will listen what your plan is. Doing this will mean that if you fail your resolution you are going to have to explain to everyone that you know, one by one, how you failed. Oye!! Sounds painful right! I want you to use this as motivation. Like you have no choice but to continue working towards your goal.


Tip 5 Put Some Money On It

Now you have a realistic target, you are going to find your loudest and most obnoxious friend, (come on we all have one) dig out your wallet, and put some money on it.

No one likes to lose money. Make sure that the amount of money you bet is going to cause you to want to avoid losing the bet. If $100 is not a lot of money to you then try $500 or even $1000.

The fact that you made this bet with your most obnoxious friend will make you want to achieve your goal even more, because no one wants to lose a bet that they will have to hear about over and over again till the day you die!

Bottom Line

These five simple but powerful tips will help you keep your New Years Resolutions or any goal that you ever want to hit. . Put all of them to work and you will guarantee that you have the highest possible amount of motivation for staying on track.

This time, keeping your New Year’s Resolution is going to be easy as pie, just keep telling yourself that and if you believe in yourself enough, you will guarantee that it will come true!

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