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5 Ways To Break Up With The Comparison Game

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One of my favorite quotes is Comparison is the thief of joy. Theodore Roosevelt

We are all guilty of it and it’s get even harder in this social media world. We see the world’s highlights. The vacations they are going on, he clients they have just got, the dream wedding, the kids who help with the chores around the house or the loving partner that they have found. If you find yourself gauging your life with that of others, you are not alone.

Sure making comparisons of your looks, possessions or lifestyle to that of others can be a source or motivation, it has its downsides as well. It becomes a problem when you start to gauge your own self-worth based on the accomplishments, qualities or possessions of others. I will share with you  5 reasons why you shouldn’t compare yourself to help you not fall pray the comparison trap.

#1: It Will Straight Up Steal Your Joy

It is natural to want what other people have. When you see this and it makes your cray cray, then it’s time to check yourself.  You maybe sabotaging your own happiness because you will feel mediocre compared to others.

If find your self constantly comparing yourself with others to determine your worth. You will always feel triggered, pissed off and never good enough.

#2: Sets You Up for Failure

You will always feel like you are lacking in something. Every time you look or scroll around, there will always be someone who is more successful, more talented, better looking or generally doing better than you in life. Constantly judging yourself based on what you don’t have, will cause your self-esteem to plummet. It could lead to feelings of never measuring up potentially a viscous cycle into giving up on your goals.

#3: Comparisons Disregard Differences in Personal Circumstances

Most people don’t take into account personal differences between themselves and celebrities or peers they compare themselves to. As a result, successful people come off as overnight sensations while in fact that is never the case. There are no overnight sensations, just so you know!! The truth is we all have struggles and setbacks on the path to success. That is life. You can’t truly judge your own worth by comparing yourself to someone leading a completely different life and in totally different circumstance than yours. I see it all the time, women will look in the magazines and say I wish I had so and so’s abs, or such such’s butt.

Two things I want you to consider.

  1. When you make that comparison to the model in the magazine are you willing to do what it takes to do that’
  2. The body that you are looking at sometimes is photoshopped.

Instead what if you focused on being the best possible person that you could be.

#4: You Feel Superior’

Do you feel better get a boost in your self-esteem when you feel that some people are “beneath” you’ Sure it feels good, but do you ever grow and get to where you want to be” Instead of trying to pass yourself off as better than everyone else, make comparisons with people who are better than you in one respect or another and use their success as an example you can try to copy.

#5: You Don’t Know The Back Story

Remember you are looking at most people’s highlight reel. There is no such thing as a perfect life. Everyone experiences challenges in their life. Not everyone is perfect nor are their lives. They aren’t always as blissful, happy and perky as everyone thinks.

Stop making yourself crazy by trying to compare yourself with a celebrity or peer you perceive to have a perfect life is setting standards that those people perhaps don’t even match up to. So, the next time you find yourself comparing your life to that of a neighbor, friend or superstar, remember that you don’t necessarily know every detail about their life. One of best things I’ve ever heard is you never know what happens behind closed doors.

Would you like to dive deeper into breaking this habit’  In just 21 days, you’ll:

>>>>The ability to create a mindset to bust through the plateaus that have kept you stuck

>>>>The power to stop giving a shit about other people and zero in on what matters to you so that you learn how to create a plan that is unique to you

>>>>A way to set flexible boundaries that don’t leave you feeling trapped and obsessing over what you can and can’t have


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