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Does Off Track Holiday Bingeing Send You Running For The Hills”’

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No matter how hard you work all year at losing weight, there’s a good chance you’re going to get off track at the holidays. I get it. We are battling holiday treats, cocktails and those oh so delicious holiday coffee drinks. You are done waking up on January 1st feeling disappointed in yourself and your decisions. I want to nip that in the bud. So let’s talk about how do you are going to deal with those feelings’

  1. Don’t down on yourself or get upset.
    Remember, it’s normal to get off track. Don’t down on yourself for it. You can fix things and get back on track. You’re an awesome person and don’t let a big or small slip up make you think otherwise.
    There is no need to feel guilty, we all slip up. Take that energy to figure out how you can make better choices the next time. If you find your guilt getting to be too strong or start to feel depressed, please reach out to a support group or see your doctor.
  2. Get positive and learn from your experiences!
    It’s just a bump in the road. Think back to when you first got off track. What caused it’ Was it a really the holiday, were you feeling pressured to eat by the hosts of a party, did you go to the event hungry or were you thinking when in Rome’ Were you craving a food you had been denying yourself and binged’
    Once you know the cause, you can make a plan to avoid it in the future. I know I had to learn how to say no thank you at big family gatherings. It can be hard when people keep telling you it’s a special occasion and talk about how they made the food themselves. At the end of the day your biggest obligation is to yourself and your happiness so even if they pressure you, it’s okay to say no.
  3. Get back on track now, not later.
    Don’t say, “Oh, I’ll get started tomorrow/Monday/on the 1st.” Get started NOW. There is no point in waiting. The moment you realize you’re off track is the moment to get back on track.
    Saying you need to wait until morning is just an excuse to goof off the rest of the day and make unhealthy choices.
  4. If it keeps happening, consider joining a support group.
    Whether it’s an online support group or one that meets offline, having people who understand what you’re going through and are there to support you can be a huge help. Friends and family are great but they won’t always understand what you’re going through. People who have never struggled with weigh issues think losing weight is easy so it’s hard to bring up your feelings with them.

At the end of the day, just remember. You’re so much more than you’re mistakes. You’re working hard and even if you slip up, you can get back on track and reach your goals!


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