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Savvy|Smart|Sexy People Do Rewards Without Food. 

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For years, we’ve all been conditioned to reward all good things with food or booze!! Now if you are going down this healthy route how are you to reward yourself for all your hard work”

I’m a person who like rewards how about you’ Instead of focusing on a number on a scale, let’s work on another measure of success. Pick milestones that take the focus off of the number. Your weight will fluctuate a lot and isn’t really the best indicator of how your overall health is improving.

Think of milestones like losing inches on your waist, going a certain amount of days without skipping your workouts, being able to walk longer without being out of breath, or making it through a harder workout. When it comes to rewards, the best are ones that further your fitness goals.

Here are some great ideas for rewards to give yourself. Some may take time, others take money, others don’t take much of either. Pick something that you can really look forward to.

  1. Buy a new fitness gadget that you’ve been interested in. Once you’ve been making it to your workouts regularly, how about investing in a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker‘ They can be great motivators and make for an awesome reward.
  2. Sign up for a fun new exercise class. Maybe you’ve been wanting to do Zumba or bootcamp but couldn’t justify spending the money if you weren’t sure you were going to make the most use of it. Well, that makes it a great prize for making some progress because once you see that inch come off of your waist you’re going to want to keep pushing through.
  3. Get a massage. When you’re new to exercise your body is going to get sore. It’s to be expected. Reward your hard work with a professional massage. Who knows’ Maybe you could make it recurring gift every time you go a certain length of time without skipping a workout.
  4. Plan a family fitness activity. You could go for a walk, bike ride, hike or sign up for a 5k. It’s a great way to have fun with your kids or significant other but also stay active. Look at this as both a reward and a workout in one!
  5. Sign up to do something you’ve always wanted to do such as rock climbing, sky diving, or kayaking. Getting adventurous is fun! You’re already doing something you never thought you’d do – losing that extra weight. Why not give something new a try’ I’m sure you’ve already got some great ideas in mind after reading this list. Pick something that moves you closer to your goals not further away but make sure it’s something you’re excited to work towards earning.

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