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A Great Attitude Can Make You Hotter Than Jennifer Lawrence!

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How many times have you been searching for the “perfect” diet or exercise plan’ When you found it, how long did you last’ When things got tough how has your attitude been’

I’m a firm believer that the most important tool to drop the weight and keep it off is your attitude! Without the right attitude it doesn’t matter how great your “diet plan” is you will continue to struggle. Your attitude is what turns a plan into a lifestyle so you can actually get results.

When you wake up every morning you can choose to have a positive and excited attitude full of self-encouragement or you can wake up ready to allow yourself to be defeated. You have a lot of control over your inner dialogue, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

This happens to me too, those moments where negative thoughts sneak into your mind without you realizing it’ That inner voice is so damn loud and so convincing that you begin to think that voice may be on to something so screw it and pass the doughnuts. Sometimes we just need to tell our inner bitch to shut the f&ck up, you got this!!!

Drown out those thoughts and give yourself a new narrative. When I have thoughts like this, I review what I’ve accomplished so far and then I look at my goals. My goals motivate, inspire and on days like this scare the crap out of me, but I know that when I look at the person I used to be I don’t want to ever go back.

[Tweet “Your attitude is everything. The second you allow yourself to think about how you’re going to fail, miss your workout, or overeat you’ve defeated yourself.”]

So, how do you take advantage of the power of positive attitude’ It’s simple. You need to take steps each and every day to gain greater control of your own attitude.

The first step is for any great change is awareness. It’s easy to tell when you’re tired or your feet hurt and you’ll do double tomorrow Each morning set the intention that It’s going to be a healthy day. You are already giving yourself a pep talk, not giving into your inner critic. Then throughout the day take a moment and think about how you feel right then are you living into the intention that you set for the day. Consider how you feel the rest of the day is going to go and your progress towards your goals. Do you feel excited’ Confident’ Or do you feel worried you’re going to fail’ I workout in the morning and it helps me to set the tone for the day, I’ve done something for me and now I can focus on better serving my family and my clients.

Once you know how you feel, practice methods of fostering a positive outlook. Affirmations are very powerful and simple. You create an affirmation using powerful words that remind you of what you’re going to do. You repeat them throughout the day to keep yourself pumped. “I am a powerful woman and I will make healthy choices today.” [Tweet “My favorite affirmation I use regularly is I am successful in all areas of my life and everyday and in everyway I’m getting better and better.”]

This may sound a little woo woo, but I also use visualization. I know two years ago if you told me I’d be visualizing I’d tell you that you were on crack! Visualization is a great tool . Bear with me for a sec, close your eyes and think about your end goal how you will feel and look once you achieve this goal. Are you smiling” The crinkle from between your eyes has gone away’ Think about being able to run outside and play with the kids or run up stairs without being out of breath. Visualize that outfit you want but can’t fit into quite yet and now you are wearing it and strangers are complimenting just have fab and fierce you look. Seriously aren’t you getting excited, like a kid a Christmas!! Get yourself excited. A little bit of enthusiasm will go a long way.

Right now this all feels weird and strange, but after a bit it will become second nature. This isn’t just helpful for weight loss either! It’s helpful for all aspects of your life. I’ve found that once I started cleaning up my mind everything else started to fall into place and the weight DROPPED off![Tweet ” A positive attitude will help you work towards any goal you have for your life.”]


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