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6 keys to struggle free weight loss

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As we move through seasons and years of our lives, so many times we caught up in asking ourselves, why isn’t this working. Why am I not getting the results that I want I am doing all the things, but I am not getting the results! Well, I wanted to break it down for you If I could categorize weight loss into 6 buckets, these buckets need to be full in order for you to reach those goals.

At some point in life, 1 bucket may be fuller than the others. And it’s our job to figure out which bucket needs to be filled. It is not our goal to fill them as fast as humanly possible. Filling these buckets is a never-ending race, so there is no need to fill them as quickly as possible. In fact, you’ll find more success if you can fill them slowly, at a pace that works best for you. Think about it like this if I sprint or walk, I am still going to achieve my goal, right BUT if I walk, I have a better shot at keeping my goal VS. if I sprint. Walk, less tired. Sprint, more tired, easier, quicker to give up.

With these 6 buckets, making sure we keep them full will help us keep our sanity and help us move forward towards our goals! (And the idea of the 6 buckets is based on the Open Gates Behavior Model)

Your goal has to be a part of your Mission. Everyone has their own kind of drive, motivation and why. Weight loss, fitness and/or health has to be part of your mission.
And if it is not part of it, it will continuously be bumped down to the bottom of the list.

After your mission, this flips into our Identity. Our actions and behaviors have to be in alignment. You have to become that person who exercises and who loses weight.
The more you try to just do things instead of saying how you as a person must change your behavior, you are going to be hard pressed to actually achieve your goal. The judgment you have about yourself is an internal job and you have to change how you speak to yourself. You have to say I AM that person who eats healthy, I AM that person who exercises.

If we boil it down and pick one thing I am going to try and have success with vs ALL, the things you feel you have to do in order to have success. Don’t go big or go home. Instead, think about starting small by changing your identity, you will have a better shot at hitting your goal. Find that 1 small step you can do regularly and try it for 30 days and see how you do. Do this if you are especially sick of hitting that reboot button every week’

What do I believe I can do If I believe I can, I can. If I believe I can’t, I can’t – Henry Ford

You have to say you can do that! Your inner voice is your inner critic, and the choice is yours! There are 2 sets of mindsets, fixed and growth and this right here is 1000% mindset! A fixed mindset: this is how I am. It has to be hard, it’s the only way you get results. There is only 1 path I can take. A growth mindset: this is what it is right now, but I know that I can make it different. This thinks about the possibilities of an outcome.

Where is your mindset when it comes to weight loss’

You have to believe it is possible for you to change. If you have trouble doing it day to day, write that action down, or if it is working out, put it in your calendar and do what you can. Make an appointment with yourself!

How do I make the change’
Decide what you want to change and do. Then start with one small thing at a time. Start to slowly switch your beliefs. Because guess what’. If you don’t believe you can lose weight. You won’t!!!

Many of us have strategies. We have the skills. But are you taking action It’s the consistent action that gets you what you want. And you know what Many of you want to do all the things, all the strategies before we understand how it works with our lives! We put the cart before the horse on this one! So, take some time and pick one thing and see how it ebbs and flows through your life and seasons!

You can improve your skills as you go along too. The key work is patience.. And more patience I try to work on it, but I am not the queen of patience, and it has taken me 5 years to really see what works with my pace now! So, I can attest to all of this, I have been in a place of absolutely no patience. And I want you to really focus on the 80/20 rule. 80% of what you do is healthy and 20% of it is going to be fun! Because the more restrictive we become, the more it will blow up in your face right after. So, work on that skill and add it to your tool kit!

Our habits are consistent behavior change. Up to 40% of our lives are habitual and every single day we are doing stuff that we don’t even have to think about. So, we have to stop and think about the habits that serve us and the habits that don’t serve us here.
How do we bring in new habits and replace them with the habits that are not serving us
Start small and slowly increase your daily new habits that will serve you and your purpose to get to your goals.

We want this process to be sustainable. We want this to be a long-lasting change for you! So, think about the habit and ask yourself Can I do it every day Can I be consistent and not break the chain But remember that life happens, and you can plan for slip ups. You are human, just have a plan for when things happen. Can’t get to the gym today Go on a 15,30-minute walk instead! The more we plan for slip ups, the more we can roll with the punches and not let them knock us out.

This is where patience will play a huge role again. Do the things that we can sustain for the long term. All of us want that sustainable change, not the I am going to go hard and figure out what to do after I hit that goal. We have to figure out how we have this patience to create sustainable change in our life!!

Who do we surround ourselves with You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with! And our willpower only goes so far, and you cannot have people bringing you down constantly and or being negative towards your goals and wants for you! If you are trying to create this new lifestyle or mission in your life, you have to start to surround yourself with people who are willing to help you and think differently of you!
Surround yourself with people who support you What are the buckets now that are low What are the buckets that are filled’

How do we start to fill those buckets up’

Instead of telling yourself you need to fill them all up, pick one thing that is going to help you right now that feels easy to work on today! This will be challenging but it is totally doable. So many women are trying to do all the things at once. Have you fully considered that doing all the things is actually keeping you stuck’ Is it more important to you to struggle on the same path of doing all the things’ OR would you rather reboot your thinking so you can hit your weight loss goal with ease’

Weight Loss can feel effortless if we stop taking off all the things, we have to do’

Figure out what feels easy for you right now at this moment and focus on it for 30 days and see how you are feeling. This is a process; it is going to be a process. But the MORE THAT WE HAVE A PROCESS, the more we are able to find the kinks in the chain. And when I get a kink in the chain, I am able to identify it quicker and switch it up and that is what I want you to be able to do as well.


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