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Stop Obsessing About The Scale

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I get it, you’ve been trying to lose weight for weeks, decades as long as you can remember. You’ve cleaned up your diet, bye by
daily glass of wine.

Hitting the gym, who knew I’d grow to love morning workouts. You’re making the best choices about everything skipping bread with dinner,
no late night snacking.

But then you step on the scale and WTF: It doesn’t budge OR goes OR says the same!!! You think to yourself something’s gotta give! It’s so easy to get discouraged when that is only your only measure of success.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers. For years that’s what we have told to do. I’m all about small victories!!

I want to celebrate the heck out of some many things so I keep going. This is where my motivation will come!!

Just so you know the scale is bullshit!!! The scale only measures your relationship to gravity. It doesn’t measure your worthiness, how much your family loves you, if you are a good friend, good employee or good person.

Repeat after me regardless of what the scale says I’m and will always be ENOUGH!!

Meet Andrea.

She was obsessed about why the scale wasn’t moving. Not sure how many conversations we had about the scale. I challenged her to find non scale victories and daily reflect on her habits and choices.

When she STOPPED obsessing about the scale she was mentally FREE to focus on creating strong habits and started to feel grateful for what she has been able to accomplish.

She realized that the OBSESSIVE around the scale got her no place but frustrated.

If you this sounds like you let’s talk. That’s what my Lifestyle:45 program is all about. It will help you feel inspired, motivated, accountable and FINALLY get the results that you are looking for. If this sounds like something that you want, let’s talk. Shoto me an email fabfitsquad at gmail.com 

I encourage my clients to toss their scales and focus on non-scale victories. Here is where you can find success almost daily to keep moving and grooving.

10 Ways To Smash The Scale 

  1. Grab a Fitbit and be able to easily crush 10,000 steps by 12 noon
  2. Climbing multiple flights of steps become easy — especially if you have a young kid on your hip =)
  3. You are down a dress size or 2!! Grab something in your closet that you haven’t worn in at least 2-3 years and let that be your guide
  4. You don’t need “cheat days. Typically clients will ask me “how many” cheat meals. You know you are crushing it when you don’t need them weekly!!!
  5. Sleeping through the night — amazing
  6. You have more energy — you don’t fall asleep as soon as you come home
  7. Your cravings have gone down significantly — you can’t remember the last time you craved sugar, alcohol or fatty foods
  8. A reduction in your medications — because you are making better choices, you’ve seen a reduction in your cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin levels
  9. Increased stamina
  10. Clearer skin, less breakouts — blood sugar spikes raise our insulin and contributes to break outs.

What would you consider a non-scale victory’


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