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6 Sweet Steps to Stop Those Sugar Cravings

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If you are absolutely unsuccessful in steering clear of the wonderfully sweet taste of sugar, you shouldn’t feel bad. Our brains are hardwired to demand, crave and beg for sugary tasting sweets and treats. Think about how a dog responds when the see a dog treat or a cat around cap nip. Our sugar cravings go back to the caveman days. Want to prevent them” Take the 7 steps below and you can find yourself crushing those sugar cravings once and for all, in spite of our natural desire to go for it.

  1. Eat Breakfast — Several studies have shown that those people who eat a healthy breakfast crave less sugars, sweets and unhealthy treats during the day. And when you combine this tip with number 2 below, you will be even more successful in controlling those sugar cravings.
  2. Get Protein With Every Snack or Meal —  My clients hear me say this OVER and OVER again. Protein to be included in EVERYTHING. Whether you are sitting down to a regular meal or just enjoying a quick snack. Protein helps stabilize your blood sugar, and you suffer less sugar cravings.
  3. Team Up With a Partner — Any big change in your life is made easier when you have a like-minded individual along the ride. This could be someone who is working to kick their sugar habit or someone who can help to hold you accountable to your commitments. We do so much better setting and sticking to our goals when we have friends around for support.
  4. Try to Forget About Weight Loss —  I know most of you are all about the scale and despite how many times I tell you to stay off you need to weigh yourself. What if instead of measuring your relationship to gravity. What if you measured how you feel’ You are going to naturally lose unhealthy weight and fat when you begin to control your sugar cravings. However, this should not be your mindset. Focus mentally on your sugar addiction only. Your brain works at its natural best when it directs all of its mental energy on one task at a time. Once you have a healthy relationship with sugar, then you can worry about any extra weight.
  5. Cut Yourself Some Slack — You are going to have a slip up. Instead of focusing on the slip up and beating yourself up, focus on what you could change so that you aren’t slipping up in the future. Remember your mind is wired to LOVE sugar, we crave it. So listen to your body and learn it’s signals.
  6. Diet Sodas Can Increase Sugar Cravings — Diet sodas and protein bars are sold as  “low sugar” or “sugar-free” use aspartame, Nutrasweet, Splenda or other artificial sweetener to replace sugar. A study from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio showed that a single can of diet soda causes your risk for obesity to go up 41%. It’s also been found sugar-free products are sweeter than sugar. Equal is 200xs sweeter and Splenda is 600xs. Want learn more about artificial sweeteners, click here.

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