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7 Tips To Beat Holiday Stress

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Reduce Holiday Stress

Here we are again, it’s November and we are on the starting line for the holiday mayhem. Each year you say this year will be different and then you get wrap up and STRESSED TO THE MAX!!! Here are 7 ways to reduce holiday stress.

  1. Exercise regularly.  I know, at this the time of year, we typically skip out on our workout, but workouts will help you feel confident and work off some of that stress and potential excess holiday calories.
  2. Deep breathing. When you start to get stressed, just sit quietly for 2-3 minutes and focus on your breathing. Start by closing your eyes focus your breath beginning at your toes and go all way up to your head focusing on where you feel tension and when you feel it let your breath wash it away. Once you do this, it will make you feel an immediate sense of calm.
  3. Reduce your caffeine intake. Can she be for real! Yes, I can! Caffeine in a stressed state can make you jittery and edgy. Okay basically bitchy and mean. Just one simple word could set you off. I know this doesn’t sound like you. =) So instead of that afternoon caffeine pick me up reach for some green tea, still has some caffeine but also gives you a nice calming effect.
  4. Scale back on the booze. I know you want to spread some holiday cheer! Alcohol stimulates the stress hormone and is filled with empty calories. If you do need to go out for some holiday cheer, limit yourself to 1 drink.
  5. Set a budget. The past few years have been tough. Instead of worrying about the post holidays bills set a budget and stick with it. Sorry ladies, we can all be J.Lo.
  6. Set realistic expectations. Sit down and figure what what you expect from the holiday and share them with your significant other and families members, that why you aren’t stressed when things aren’t done a certain way.
  7. Cook ahead. I know with the holidays come the TREATS. Try to make sure you are cooking ahead so that you can a least have a few healthy options available before you hit the treats.

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