Over 40 And Ready To Feel

Confident In Your Body’

I’m a health and fitness coach who helps women over 40 feel fit, comfortable, and confident in their bodies. I give you the tools to fall in love your body and your life.

The Truth is’

I help you tap into your inner magic! 

That magic you thought was only reserved for special people. You know the ones whose houses are never messy; they live a Pinterest picture worthy life and who look like they have their shit together. Let me tell you, that person is a magical unicorn🦄. 

I work with real women who are DONE dieting. Inside you are screaming I’ve been dieting since high school and I’m EXHAUSTED!!
You’ve done ALL the fad diets they left you feeling broken and feeling like it’s impossible to lose weight in a sustainable fashion. You are SO READY to change your lifestyle and are done with weekend binge cycles that always ends with you starting your “diet” again on Monday.🤦🏽‍♀️

If this sounds like you, I’m your coach!!

I got you!!

Listen to me

You are Magic Maker 💫
on the road to the Flip Flop Life!! 👣

I have been intrigued with nutrition and fitness since I gained the dreaded freshman 15. Before college, I could eat and drink whatever I wanted and not gain an ounce (ahh the good old days) Boy, was I shocked when summer came, and I could no longer fit into my shorts! 🙈
I began to take aerobics classes and became hooked on aerobics video tapes. (Yep, I said tapes!).

My clothes started to fit better, and I was feeling great. This worked for a while and then I turned 40 and my body decided to give me the finger!  😡

Feel like this is happening to you’

Fit Girl Magic

The Fit Girl Magic framework shows you how to stop coming up with excuses as to why you are not seeing the results you want to see. It also helps you to stay accountable so that you can finally get the body you’ve wanted for so long.

I have been told that I have a way of telling it like it is (with love) while giving you practical advice.
I have also been called tough talking — salty talk 😜 I like to think I am a little bit of both (aren’t we all’
Hanging around with me can cause some serious side effects like getting you to believe in yourself 🥰 and putting you on the road to finding your magic. 💫

Yes, I have some letters behind my name.

I’m not some Instagram model who just looks good in a sports bra and think that’s enough to help people with their health and fitness (it’s not)!!

I went to college and got a degree in Marketing thinking I was going to write TV commercials that everyone would be talking about or singing. Come on seriously what do you know at 18! 😲

I am happily married to my ride or die travel partner. Good thing because I’m all about the Flip Flop Life, my favorite thing to do is to sit on a beach feeling the sun on my face while reading chit lit, the latest fitness research or journaling while someone brings me ice-cold beverages and food🤗.

When I’m not traveling you can find me walking along the Charles River scaring the shit out of myself listening to true crime podcast. 

Yup, so I have the experience and the education back up my talk.

I developed a strong desire to stop playing small and really go for it, both feet in, as terrifying as that thought was. Kim helped me do just that. I was petrified after seeing her plan for me. It was nothing like anything I’ve ever done before.
But I started setting goals, weekly wins, following training schedules and nutrition plans.
I checked in with her each week, listened and learned.
Lo and behold, I began to feel powerful. Soon my body transformed, and I had a fierce attitude. The positive changes were not just physical. In fact, the most remarkable changes were mental. Kim pushed me way beyond what I thought I was capable of and showed me what I could really do.

– Sandi Lee