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This is day 4 of the my blog challenge, today is all about location independence. beach chairs in the sunsetLet me just say I’m a SUCKER for warm weather. Once the the temperature hits 70 or higher I can soak it all in like all. At times I think I’m a battery just to get my dose before the long hard winter. Here in New England winter typically lasts about 7-8 months.

In my ideal world, I would be able to pick up my business and have it anywhere I have an internet connection and cell reception.
I would love to chase the sun as soon as it got too cold here in New England I’d move South or West. Even if its for a few weeks, just to recharge my sun batteries.

Now I don’t want my current clients or potential clients think that my work ethic will suffer. In fact, it will excel. I find when I’m in with nature I’m much more creative and energized to work.

I truly believe that if you are where you love your work life and regular life will thrive.

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