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As part of my 30 day blog challenge was asked to ask to take a look at companies and/orYoung Girl Playing By Herself brands that I’d admire. Well, that was hard to narrow it down. Well I’ve narrowed it down to 3. One site is in my space. I like how she’s organized her site and how she’s presenting her information. It’s very simple and it’s easy for the visitor to find information and the visitor also knows where to go on the site as well as what she stands for. The site I’m referring to is Wellness Mama. What I have learned from this site and what I plan to implement into my site is clearing up my message and making sure folks know what I’m about and how to easily find information.

The other brand that I admire is Gary V. He took over his family’s wine business with a goofy You Tube video show. I and many others love it becasue he showed his authenticity. He was a REGULAR guy talking about how regular people would talk about wine. Take a look. Some say he’s a little over the top. I think Jim Cramer from Mad Money is over the top =). Gary is just real and honest. Got to say that’s my style. My take away from Gary is 2 fold. 1. I must step from behind the computer and in front of the camera and 2. I must convey to folks my authenticity. Yes, it may be real, but it’s honest and comes from a place of love and respect for helping meet your goals. 

The third brand I admire is the blog challenge that I’m currently doing. her name is Natalie, but calls herself the Suitcase Entrepreneur.  I love it as one of my goals is to be able to work from anywhere I want provide a I had an internet connection, a laptop, cell phone and/or land line. This 30 day blog challenge is really forcing me to commit to taking daily actions in my business and I love it!! I’m also using this blog challenge as a way to have an idea and follow through until completing. This is HUGE FOR ME.

Today’s post took me a little longer than normal, but I got it done. Yeah me!!

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