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Ahh The Wine And Chocolate

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My client Andrea has an event that she wants to be feel good in her body. One of her challenges is that she likes her chocolate and her wine.

I told her that she is going to look her best at her event, but to really feel good if she were to change some of her habit

I ran it through the REPS formula.

Is it REALISTIC for you to feel better about yourself in roughly 24 hours, absolutely’ But how about the next four weeks, let’s really focus on helping you feel better about yourself and how you look. Then I asked her was she excited to make some changes to your nutrition’ She likes her wine 🍷, she has chocolate 🍫, and during the next 30 days, would she be willing to work on her relationship with her food. And if you you are eating better, you probably feel better.

And she yes, she was excited to give it a try’

She realized that by working on her relationship with food she would take the pressure off of how she looked. Because when we don’t eat well, we don’t feel well. Now she and I put together a plan, I asked her to pay attention to what sets her off, to binge or not make ideal choices. Her first response was “when don’t sleep I reach for the wine and the chocolate. Now is the plan to get more sleep.

Now we’re talking about how does she get more sleep, and what’s the plan for when you know she might have to work late. She has a kid what happens if, her kid stays up, we all know that lights out don’t always mean lights out. What happens if your kid gets sick’ She’s up all night, helping with the stomach flu. That is why you make preemptive plans. This is going to help her in the long run because if she gets enough sleep you’ll eat less on the wine or the chocolate’ Is she going to ultimately feel better about herself you betcha.

This is what I call the REPS formula it’s the framework that I bring my clients through, and it’s something that you can do over and over again. It could be health could be fitness, hell, it could just be a general life goal. Know that that’s it’s easy when you have a process, right’ And the process makes things repeatable.

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