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Are Weight Loss Programs For You’

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Change is tough and when you decide to chance your nutrition it can be a bit scary at first. At the beginning
there are a bunch of moving parts that you need to manage and keep track of and it can be overwhelming.  For some of us the thought of having to do it all yourself can even be what’s keeping you from getting started in the first place. Luckily there are programs out there for those of us who don’t want to handle the guesswork of managing nutrition all by ourselves.

Especially at this time of year,  I’m sure you’ve seen the zillion or ads on television and in magazines, weight loss programs are everywhere and their effectiveness and usefulness varies particularly from person to person. That being said if you’re looking for something structured then weight loss programs can actually be quite effective.  They do everything for you, tell you what to eat and how to exercise.

This may seem to be a bit too good to be true but there are always drawbacks when it comes to programs like this. First of all not every plan has room to be tailored to you specifically. A lot of programs’ “one size fits all” plan leaves a lot to be desired from people looking for specific weight goals. Another issue is the possibility that quitting the program can cause some of the same “yo-yo diet” effects that fad diets cause when you stop using their meal plan. Healthy dietary changes are always supposed to become permanent and sustainable, which means that you should always have a step-down plan prepared.

The biggest problem that people seem to find with some weight loss programs is that they don’t leave much room for personal touch. If you want their plan to be effective then you need to follow that plan and not everyone’s life has room to work around a set plan. Depending on your schedule or budget you won’t always have the time to follow their specific diet or fit in their day’s workout so having a strict schedule can often run directly into conflict with some programs.

That is way I developed the 5 day clean eating crash course. This will help you ease into how to eat clean and TEACH you how your body works. So that you would be able to go off the “diet plan” yo-yo” cycle.


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