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Are You Failing For These 8 Common Weight loss Pitfalls

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Today’s topic stems from so many women telling me they fall off track. There are several times a year many of you fall off track.  The holidays/fall, the end of the year and then summertime! And I get it!! In New England, we are cooped up for most of the year and when we get to 70 degrees, we are crazy in the street! You want to go have the ice cream and lobster rolls and not feel like a prisoner of your own nutrition.


So, I am going to break down 8 things that are going to help you stay on track and it’s not about having superpowers, it is about being able to get to a place where you ask yourselves questions before you take action.  You need to stop spending more time in your brain wondering WHY I did this. HOW did that happen? I SUCK! And all the negative loops we go through when we eat or drink something that wasn’t intended.  Do I have those moments? They’re few and far between. But I am taking control of my path. If I choose to go off track it is going to be because I want to.

We need to have more self-awareness, and more self-intelligence around the areas we struggle with. The temptations that pop up knock you out of the game.  For many of you, it’s challenging to avoid the temptations that will derail your progress. And that is what we are talking about today! These practical strategies will help you stay on track!

1- I NEED to know where I am driving the bus. SETTING CLEAR GOALS is essential!
Many times, you set a goal but you keep moving the finish line.  It’s ok to reestablish and re-set your goals. It’s okay because you are aspiring to something. But if the goal is to lose belly fat and you are NOT happy after losing that and you create another goal to chase happiness, then that is when you need to take a step back and understand. What is the WHY behind it?

You have to understand. Why do you want to lose weight?
Why do you want to reach this goal – what are you hoping to achieve that will provide you with the motivation to help you avoid temptation along the way? Be specific. This is WHAT the goal is. With your WHY… this is the big circle that encompasses everything you do.  Ask yourself WHY your goal is important to you.  Is it about your health? Is it about getting off medication? Do you want your pants to button? Have self-confidence? Feel better about yourself. Have more energy, etc!  All of this… what is that thing that is your motivation. Your WHY Is your motivation.

2 – BIG KEY – Create a deadline.
Creating a deadline gives you a flexible structure!  This isn’t about rushing either.  This deadline is not to help me rush to consistency but help me to understand where I am getting and create a weigh station.  Live your life in 90-day increments. In 90 days, you should be able to see SOME change!  You create this deadline so you can see what you can achieve in this time frame.

3 – Self Awareness.
This is really challenging for a lot of people. It’s starting to identify your triggers and patterns and behaviors.  Are there certain foods you eat that when you eat them you become a hungry, hungry hippo!? Are there foods that you eat, and you become bloated? Are there foods that make you feel like crap? Are there food triggers? Are there people triggers? Are you around these people and you find yourself just throwing caution to the wind and saying whatever! Do they trigger you to just have whatever?  Do you notice certain patterns of behavior? What is the trigger when that behavior happens?  There’s a stimulus, an action, and a queue.  You have to stick with your boundaries because if you become more self-aware of what causes you to fall off track, then you have more opportunities to navigate around it.

4 – Become more accountable to yourself.
Accountability is crucial when it comes to staying on track.  You are going to regularly evaluate how you are doing so you can celebrate your success and reflect on anything that needs to be improved. In my Operation Consistency program, you map out the tasks that are going to lead to not only better health but greater consistency and complaint. That way you can start to feel what it feels like to be accountable to yourself. What does it feel like to celebrate success and any area you want to approve?

It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.  When you work in that program you are only allowed to pick 1-3 things. You are not doing ALL the things.  Scale down so you can speed up! Accountability is crucial to helping you stay on track.  You can also find accountability buddy! What do you need to be accountable for?

5 – Create solid habits.
One of the ways I do this is we take an action, your goal is to lose weight, so what are the simple actions you can start to take right now to help? Eat more vegetables? How are we going to do that and measure it?  Then we assess and analyze. How is it going? How many days a week can you do that? How are you feeling about it? Is it easy or hard? Then we can go back and assess, correct, and repeat.  When you do this, you start to create solid habits. And the Fit Girl Magic Formula is great habits lead to great routines, and those routines lead to consistency, and that consistency leads to lasting results. Healthy habits are the foundation for successful weight loss!

We are improving and creating these sustainable routines. Such as regular exercise, mindful eating, stress management, self-care, sleeping, etc. These are the foundations of weight loss so we can build up the armor for those temptations. I told myself I’m going to the gym, I told myself I’m going to get 8 hours of sleep, I told myself I am going to eat an extra cup of vegetables. And going back to accountability, I need to hold myself accountable for these things.

I want you to get away from this meal plan thinking and start seeing how food makes you feel.  Are you getting protein every meal? Are you getting in good fats? Are you getting in vegetables throughout the day?  Are you creating these habits that are setting you up for success?

6 – If then statements.
We all get tripped up by the same stuff…  What is tripping you up the most?  Come up with the scenarios that happen for you. We all have the same things and the same shit that pops up all the time. Sit down and consider the situation that is going to pop up.
Go through these scenarios so you have the strategies in place so that you can navigate those moments, so you are prepared and empowered in the situation. And create those If-Then statements for those situations.

7 – Have flexibility and adjust the plan if needed.
This is paramount on your weight loss journey.  This helps us reflect on what is working and what is not working.  You have to get out of this rigid mindset!  You cannot be restrictive!  You have to be open to new approaches.  Throughout this journey, you are learning and adapting as you work through these various scenarios, so you need to be flexible and be okay with change!

8 – Gratitude.
Gratitude impacts your mindset.  It’s so easy to think about all the negative crap in our life!  Even if it’s one thing that you are happy about, write it down!  One thing you are happy about and WHY! What are the little things that happen in life that make you happy and grateful?  Think about those things as you go through this and your day and keep a journal with them in it!

So, here are those 8 things that I know will help you to stay on track or get you on the right track!  These are ALL the things I see daily and have gone through personally and know with these simple tweaks and changes in your lifestyle, you can get closer to your set goals and just feel freaking good!


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