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Are you looking to master self-discipline? |190

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Self-discipline… I want to talk about this because when I ask people, “What is keeping you from hitting your goals, and what is keeping you stuck?” You say, “Oh girl, if I had more self-discipline, I would be unstoppable!! If I had self-discipline, I would be losing weight, I’d be at the gym and life would be amazing!” If no one is holding your feet to the fire, it is sometimes tough for you to just keep going. We always do much better when someone asks or keeps up with our work. 


Let’s define Self-discipline, shall we? So, Self-discipline is doing what is necessary even when you don’t want to. If we say we want more discipline, we have to lean into doing things EVEN when we don’t want to. This is how we show up for ourselves!

You have to start to tell yourself that these are the things you want. What do I really want out of life? Am I looking to work out? Are evenings best for me, is it even the workout I want to do, is it realistic for me? Am I doing things because I think I should be doing them, or will it move the needle? You are in control and no one else is.

When it comes to creating self-discipline, you have to have a plan. It almost always requires creating a plan. The self-disciplined person doesn’t take on too many actions. You don’t want to become overwhelmed. Plans help us to think of unforeseen obstacles and come up with contingencies. If then planning is something I am ALL about! If something happens then I am going to do this. This will help me think of the things that typically trip me up.

Come up with a 24-hour plan or a weekly plan. Map out the next day or next week, whatever works better for you, and whichever you prefer. Then write down 3 things you are going to get done that day and keep it simple. Construct the plan so you can start to take action and minimize the need for self-discipline. You have laid out the steps and now you just need to follow the breadcrumbs.

Create some type of accountability.
Sometimes you don’t have control. So, you have to start to think about developing these pieces of how we are going to accomplish this goal and what is the accountability? Am I going to check in with someone? Whatever that piece of accountability is for you, define it. What does it look like for you?

You have to develop your habits. When you created habits, you don’t have to depend on discipline so much. Your discipline is rooted in what you do daily, weekly, and monthly. That habit has to start with a trigger. At first, it’ll feel awkward, but soon it will become part of your subconscious and you don’t even think about it. Once you get into the groove it’ll feel easier for you!

Avoiding overwhelm and procrastinating.
You stress yourself out that it has to look this way or that way and if it doesn’t look like that it stresses us out. If you continue to procrastinate, you will always be overwhelmed. There will always be stuff added to our to-do list, that is how life is. You have to start to meet life hurdles and speed bumps. What do I need to do, what can I delegate to someone to help with and what can I dump?

This will include setting boundaries as well. Are there boundaries I need to start putting up here? Stand in your power and for your own mental health, you need to start saying no to stuff. No is a complete sentence!! This motto changed my world! I was the queen of over scheduling before this. Look at how we can avoid overwhelm and how procrastination is keeping us from where we want to go.

Sit down. What do you want? And how can you start? For the next 30 days, what can you actually do? Self-sabotage happens because we missed a step or 2. You NEED to define what you want. And you need to be clear about it. You will not get those results you want if you don’t define what it is you actually want! As your coach, I invest in you, so you HAVE to be just as invested in your goal as well. The coach has to be 30% invested and the client has to be 70% invested! You have to do your part in this.

Schedule a VIP session with me. We will work together to develop a plan and will help you get that detailed plan. We will talk about how to hold yourself accountable. How do you know you are hitting those steps? Sometimes we need to reroute and that is ok!  That way we can practice that self-discipline and practice that self-control. Then we know we have that plan.

You can stay on track, and it aligns with where you want to go. So, if you stick with this self-discipline process, you are going to get these healthy habits, and you are going to find your Fit Girl Magic. – Which are those great habits developing into great routines, and those routines develop into consistency and consistency is what is going to give you life-long results!!

If you want to have more of them, these are things we are going to discuss in the Belly Fat Code Course! Not only are we going to help you lose belly fat but we are going to help you navigate the middle to create a system, so you stop feeling stuck and you stop feeling guilty about what you eat. We are going to come up with a preemptive plan so you can bring in the foods you love so you have a sense of sanity and satiation in your foods! This is starting soon, and I want to make sure you get in this round so sign up through the link below!!


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