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Are You Ready To Dominate Your Weight Loss Fundamentals

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Today I’m going to break down what it actually takes to lose weight. The diet industry thinks we need to exercise and eat a certain way. They tell us to do these things dramatically, whether it is to reduce our food or radically increase our exercise. Or they try and create these magic bullet quick fixes! And I am here to tell you that I am done chasing these diet rabbits all around my yard and you should be too!


I want you to get pissed off and say I AM DONE chasing my tail. I AM DONE doing the same things over and over and not getting anything for my effort!

This may sound a little hard, but we have to say it? TOGETHER. So, repeat after me ladies? ?If I want different results, I HAVE to do something different!? Louder for the people in the back!!!! Something must change in order to get a change! Some people think they have to hustle harder or diet harder. BUT NOOO it starts by thinking differently instead. Here is where I want you to say, ?I am ready to think differently Kim, I am on the edge of my seat, get on with it!? Let’s go!

I am sick of people thinking that ?You need to struggle to hit your stride?. This is so false! I couldn’t bust my plateau after 3 years because I was do the same damn thing. To break my pattern, I had to do something radically different. I had to break up with my old way of thinking of reduction & struggle. I wanted to find a way that I had balance and could not feel like I was always going 90 miles an hour with no control. So, it starts by asking ourselves better questions. Dive deeper into our own psych, mindset and thought process. Because I kept doing the same thing because I was comfortable, so we need to get a bit uncomfortable?.

I am going to dive into 6 different things that I want you to think about in how you are going to change the way you lose weight, and I am going to start with what is the most important and work my way down. Think like a pyramid. We are starting with the biggest section and working our way up to the top smaller part. (But you will only move along through the pyramid if you have mastered every other step. Ok’!)

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Ok, back to it! So what are these 6 things’ Remember, 1 being most important, then work your way down the list.
1. Being Mindful of what you are eating.
2. Think about calories (intake to nourish yourself)
3. Think about what nutrient density is. And food quality.
4. Break up with good food and bad food list (macros. etc)
5. Nutrient timing. (Only if you are consistent with everything else)
6. Supplementation . Why are you supplementing’

The first thing before we move to the first one is I want you to really start thinking about your food and being more intentional about when you eat vs. always eating to the clock. I bought into the fact that I had to eat 5 meals a day. And you do not need to! The 1st question I had to start asking myself when I was eating. AM I HUNGRY” When you make this transition I want you to ask ?Am I hungry or am I eating to eat’?

Our digestive system needs breaks in our digestion. Our body needs time to go into the full digestion process and break down in a way that our body can utilize it. If you want to learn more about this in depth, I have an entire podcast on it called the 1-2 Punch.

So first, be more mindful about what it is we are eating.
Did you eat a meal, and you don’t even realize what you just ate’ Slow down when you eat and savor what you are eating. Visually enjoy it, smell it, and actually stop and taste it. Then, eat until you are 80% full, not until you have a food baby! Enjoy the food that you are eating, enjoy what you have made rather than just woofing it down and not taking it all in.

Next, think about calories and what you need to nourish your body.
For years I said calories don’t matter if I am eating whole clean foods. Well, I was eating whole clean foods and I ate my way into 30 pounds extra. I was overeating too many calories for what my body was burning. So, what you do is you calculate how many calories our body actually needs a day. So, if it needs 2000 calories a day, then you need 14,000 calories in a week. If I look at my calories as a bank account, I don’t want to go over budget because then we GAIN WEIGHT. If we are under budget, then we are going to LOSE WEIGHT!

I want you to remember that it is not about hitting 2000 to the penny. Some days you may go over, some days go under. But if I am around that 14,000 at the end of the week, I am doing fabulous! So please don’t make yourself crazy! This is what you have budgeted for the week, so try and stay balanced, because your hormones will thank you!

Now, I know that some of you are going to roll your eyes at this one, but are you even tracking your daily calories’ I know you hate tracking, I do too. But you don’t have to track forever. Because when things aren’t doing well, that is when you track! Food has a direct impact on your hormonal health, and a direct impact on your training as well.
So, I challenge you to track protein and vegetables. How much protein are you getting in a day and how much vegetables are you getting in’ If you can track those 2 things and let the other nutrients go into place, you’re in a good place my friend!

Third is to think about the nutritional density of your foods and food quality.
This is what I like to call ?Good, Better, Best.? Buying good food that you can afford. This comes down to choices! We want to choose foods that have the highest nutrient quality. Apple juice, good choice, better choice apple sauce, and the best choice is the apple. Get what I am talking about’ A poor choice of food in the moment doesn’t make you a bad person though so remember that!

I want you to try out ?If – Then planning.? This is what it would look like? ?If I have 1 margarita, then I will make sure I have a protein filled meal. ?Think through with your strategy before you get into the situation will make things easier on yourself when you are going out or enjoying a night with friends or with your sweetie. Be prepared for what you are going to do in those situations and never make yourself feel bad afterwards!

The 4th thing on the list is I want you to break up with the ?Good Food & Bad Food List?. You need to break free of that food police! Let’s stop vilifying our foods! Stop judging the food that you eat. There is no good food, bad food list and there never will be.
There are foods you can eat more of and foods you should eat less of, but no good and bad. Just enjoy yourself and move on when you go out. Food is not your enemy. Own your choices, own your SHIT and move on. But always respect your body. DO NOT treat it like a dumpster. And don’t eat like an ass hole!!

You will hear macros a lot, and macros are the components of calories. What are our foods made up of’ The 3 major macros are proteins, carbs and fats. We have to calculate it and track them, because we cannot set it and forget it. Set your macro intake on your hunger, energy and cravings, and if you are sleeping & your stress levels. Because no matter how hard you diet and exercise, if you don’t have sleep and stress under control, it will chisel away at your results, and you won’t have any!

The 5th item on the list is nutrient timing. Nutrient timing involves eating foods at strategic times in order to achieve a certain outcome. And I hear people all the time trying to focus on when to eat their protein and when to get it into their day when it comes to building muscle and working out. Or eating at a certain time to burn more fat. But here is the kicker if you are not consistent with alllll of the things above. The nutrient timing isn’t going to mean squat! So, when do I do my protein, when do I do my pre workout, etc. It won’t matter if you cannot do the steps above and become consistent with those habits.

And the last thing you need to do, after everything else is Supplementation and why you are supplementing. You cannot supplement to make up for a bad diet? you just can’t do it. Not having a nice base level of nutrition is never going to go away because you need to have knife and fork meals. When you eat knife and fork meals, you get a thermogenic effect which starts burning calories while you are eating. And guess what? When I drink a shake, it’s already predigested, so there is no burning of calories while digesting and breaking down the food. It is already in a liquid form, so it requires little to no energy to digest it.

What protein powder supplementation is really meant to do is be an aid. You are not getting enough bang for your buck with it. So, I want you to do foods first then think about what you are using the supplement for. If I am not being consistent with what I am eating, does the supplement make sense in my world”’

So, if this was helpful at all and you want to dive deeper into this, I have created the #foreverfatloss. It’s for those you who start a diet with all the right intentions but never seem to follow through. This is your never go on a diet again. Grab the link below!!


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