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Are you ready to face your fitness excuses?|220

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Nearly a decade ago, I used to follow someone named Maria Barnes on Facebook who would frequently come up with what seemed like unfounded excuses. Fast forward to today, on this episode of Fit Girl Magic, I share common excuses that Maria shared over a decade ago and they still persist. In today’s episode I share actionable strategies to conquer them. One of them is asking yourself better questions and assessing your progress on your health and fitness journey.


Today we’ll touch upon the significance of maintaining consistency and trust in the process. Additionally, we’ll explore topics such as effectively managing menopause, making necessary nutritional adjustments for individuals over 40, and discovering ways to carve out time for physical activity in our jam-packed schedules.

You’ll hear some no-nonsense strategies to crush those lame excuses once and for all!

The Key to Change: Buckle up, buttercup, because we’re dishing out the secrets to transformation. It all starts with asking yourself better questions and taking a good, hard look at your progress on the wild ride that is your health and fitness journey.

Consistency and Trust: I’m sharing on the importance of consistency and trusting the process. None of this “get fit overnight” nonsense! It’s all about putting in the work and believing in yourself.

Managing Menopause: Ladies, I’m talking about how to handle menopause like the fierce queens you are.  Get ready for some real talk on making those necessary nutritional adjustments when you’re over the fabulous age of 40. You’ve still got it, and we’re going to show you how to flaunt it!

Finding Time for Fitness: Life is busy, and I get it. But guess what? I’ve got tricks up our sleeves to help you find those precious pockets of time for physical activity, even in the midst of your jam-packed schedule. No more excuses!

So, throw on those headphones and brace yourself for an episode filled with inspiration, and enough valuable insights to kick those excuses to the curb! 🎧💃 It’s time to unleash your inner magic maker and join me on this transformational journey. You’ve got this, and together, we’re unstoppable!

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