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Are You Ready To Focus On Your Weight Loss

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I have been reading a book called Limitless by Jim Kwik and it is about how to upgrade your brain, learn anything faster and unlock your potential! And right now, I am reading about flow, and it made me think if you can have Flow with your weight loss. So what is flow anyways’ Flow is a point in your life where you are just doing something, and it just feels easy & effortless. You are not thinking through the steps. You are just moving and grooving and so focused that you don’t feel distracted.


I know that so many of us have been told that in order to lose the weight that we have to feel the struggle, it has to be hard, and we have to crawl through glass, or our results are crap! They are not worthy of getting the results that we want. I am going to throw this out there and I am totally open for a nice healthy debate if you don’t agree with me.. BUT I truly believe that it is possible to get into that flow when it comes to your health and fitness. You can get to that place where it just feels effortless. Because that’s what fit girl magic is all about. When your health and fitness becomes effortless!

In order to get there though.. You have to have great habits and you have to start at the beginning. Those habits lead to routines. Those results lead to consistency. Then booommm you got results. That is where starting with those great habits is so important.

So.. Thinking About flow.. How do we find the flow’ How do we find the flow for this weight loss’ How do we eliminate the overwhelm’ The Stress’ How do I take a break from stress’ One big thing you HAVE TO LIMIT your distractions. So how do you eliminate the stress and distractions’

One way to take a break around your stress is with your meals. Be mindful in every step of the process. Be mindful of how you are eating and what you are eating and what you are doing while you eat. Eliminate the distractions while you are eating food. And try to eliminate the distractions of life. Here is where I tell my clients to make a plan at least 24 hours in advance. If it’s in your calendar it gets done. What are you going to eat and what are your workouts” If I see where I want to go, I have a better shot of getting there!

Give yourself time. You aren’t going to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. So, give yourself time to lose the weight. The more you try to crash our way into a diet, the harder it is to maintain it.

The way I get it off, is the way I have to keep it off. Make this your mantra!!

If I am crashing to take it off, then I have to live on that crash diet forever. Think about this.

1. Is that realistic’
2. Are you excited about it’
3. Can you make a plan for it’
4. Is it sustainable’ Live like this forever’

Give yourself time. Make it fun. Set smaller goals. 1 pound is 1 pound. If I lose 1 pound a month, I have lost 12 pounds in a year. 3 years on end, lost 36 pounds. Take time and have fun with it. Small measurable steps give us proof that what you are doing is working

This is what I want you to start thinking about. How can you scale this back so you can start to see things’ What do you commit to every day’ What are the daily healthy choices you can make every day’ I want you to think of 1-3 things that you have to do every day at minimum

Ladies pleaseeee do something that you love when it comes to your movement. Do something that you are passionate about or interested in. And this cannot be based on someone else’s opinion. So, ask yourself if I am going to love this’ If I had to run every day for 30 days, I wouldn’t do it! It doesn’t bring me joy!!! So, think about as you are making these commitments, do something that you love. And ask yourself what you would do if things get busy’ What is the lowest standard for your health’ What are you going to allow and what do you not want to allow’ You have to determine your own guidelines, so that you are feeling like you are getting into your flow.. And not someone else.

Have clear goals. If I aim at nothing, I will always hit it… Many people don’t define their goals clearly. So, what is a clear definition of goals’ Is it measurable’ How as a coach can I hold you accountable’ I am going to workout 3 days a week. There Then figure out what those days are and make it a dentist apt that you can not break. Make sure you know what that workout looks like when you go into it. Is it cardio or strength training’ Plan and block the time out in the calendar.

Figure out your Good, Better, Best. What makes a workout or food a good week’ What makes it a better week’ What makes it the best week’ Working out 3 days a week is good A better is 4 days a week and best would be 5 days a week. That way we don’t have to beat ourselves up even if we do Good. Start to give ourselves some grace and not push ourselves to punishable limits.

When it comes to goals Don’t work on more than 3 goals at a time. When you aren’t focusing, you’re not in flow. And too many things will cause you not to focus if you have too many goals. But DO challenge yourself with your goals. Make them challenging but doable so that you can do it but it will be a bit of a stretch. I started to eat 400 to 800 grams of vegetables every day. I honestly thought I was eating more than I thought but then when I started, I thought it was actually pretty challenging. This was forcing me to get more creative with my vegetable intake. And it helps me get clear on this is my goal and this is how I achieve it.

If this gets you into flow. What gets us out of flow’ And that is MULTITASKING.. And I would know because I am the queen of multitasking. I would beat the crap out of myself with 50 things to do and then do only 2 in a day. So, I had to pick 3 things every single day that I HAD TO DO! And they weren’t HUGEEE things. They were little things that I had to do every day.

1) So a big ass salad every single day with protein.
2) 7-8 hours of sleep.
3) Hit 10,000 steps every day.

BOOM! I didn’t even have to think about it. These are easy things that I could hit day in and day out. So you just have to pick 1-3 things. These are called our non-negotiables.
These are going to be easy things that you can hit day in and day out. Simple and easy. Think about these small things moving the needle vs big things that you may think move it.

This is where my Big Rocks comes in! (I have an entire podcast on this linked Here). These Big Rocks are 6 things that actually help you to move the dial, vs what we really think will move. A lot of us think that if we multitask, we will hit our goals faster But have you fully considered that by stopping multitasking, you are going to lower your stress levels and make you more productive!’!’!’ (Mic Drop.)

On the topic of STRESS. It makes me crazy when women say stress is part of their life.
Noooo we choose stress to be part of our life! Stress is not a weight vest, it’s not gonna enhance our performance. So let it go! Stress is the under-discussed super villain.
1. What stresses us out’
2. Is there anything we must own’ Anything we must deal with’ Did we take it on ourselves, was it given to us’ Are there things we can delegate or just stop doing’

How do we put a forcefield around us so stress isn’t always attacking our armor and we can put up a shield when we feel overwhelmed’ (Oh btw I have a Stress master class coming up so hint hint, stay tuned!)

How many of you feel like you have been dieting since you were 15′ I get that So what do you want’ It comes back to clarity. It comes back to connecting. Connecting to your why. Your why is your motivation. AND Motivation is you CONNECTING to your why!

So let us say you have a vacation in December, so you got 6 months to prepare for it.. LET’S GO! Start asking ourselves better questions. Given what my goal is, which is now crystal clear, you connect to why you want this goal. Then you are able to ask myself better questions! Is lying in bed going to get me to where I see myself in 6 months’ No, probably not..

So we have to connect with that goal. Scaling it back so we can do 1 thing to lead us to our goal because guess what”’ Even if you don’t believe it. Small progress is STILL PROGRESS!

Focus on where you want to go, vs. all the things that can go wrong that will trip you up. Many of us like the conviction. This is closely tied to failure. Most of us think about how long it will take, and we talk ourselves out of actually doing it. We want that immediate dopamine hit. You gotta be in it for the long haul though and STICK WITH IT!

James Clear said, Your actions reveal how badly you want something. If you keep saying something is a priority and never act. Then it is time to have a conversation with yourself.
If you keep saying you want to lose the weight and you don’t put actions behind it, is it truly a priority of yours’

This is where I challenge you I challenge you to create a plan and work your REPS!
1. Is it realistic’
2. Are you excited’
3. Can you create a plan’
4. Is it sustainable’
If all 4 boxes are checked, you are going to be successful!! But if 1 of those 4 boxes is just a squishy check you are gonna be hard pressed to get that goal.

So I wanted to talk about all of this because of the book I am reading and because I can just totally relate to going slow and how amazing it is! I have experienced it with work and workouts and it feels great when you are not over thinking! For me, I am firing on all cylinders when I go slow.

So sit down. What do you want’ Grab your calendar. Get your stuff written down in it.

Start taking action towards your dreams so you can get into flow vs these fits and starts when it comes to losing weight and exercising consistently! At the end of the day it is consistency that is going to get you to where you want to go and flow is how we can get there consistently!!!


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