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Are You Ready to Form Solid Weight Loss and Exercise Habits

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Getting into the habit of eating healthy and exercising is probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many people. Do you shake your head and wonder, “Why is it that this is such a complex task’”😱 It may all come down to your mindset first.

To create a strong habit it comes down to having a strong enough desire to lose weight and get healthy.

It is very easy to view weight loss as a temporary state. How many times have you said to yourself that you can manage to eat this way for a couple of weeks’ You may have even lasted a few weeks longer. But has this led to long term success’ Probably not, as it wasn’t sustainable.  

First you need to really dig down deep and discover what your reasons are for losing weight. Has your doctor told you to drop some pounds for health reasons’ Are you totally sick of not fitting into your clothes’ Want to look good in pics on your next vacation’ Take the time to find your reasons and then write them down.  

Your next step will be to figure out how you can make these changes into your life. What time do you have for exercising and cooking healthy meals’ If your time is limited, then look at cooking in batches and freezing portions.

The same applies to workouts, what workouts do you like and when can you fit this in’ Do early morning’s work, lunch time, after work’

Now you are ready to start forming your new habits. Remember that you don’t have to change things overnight. Start out by cutting down on one or two items. Eating more veggies, adding in more good fats or having few treats. Then when you feel you have this under control, change another aspect.

Combining eating healthier with exercising can really help speed up your results. Make a commitment to leisure walk for 20 minutes three times a week. Do this for three weeks and your walking habit will be ingrained in you. Then you can either add in another day or walk for longer each time.

To get your exercise in early in the day try getting up 30 minutes earlier. Or if you take public transport, take an earlier bus and get off one or two stops earlier.

Forming a new habit doesn’t have to mean completely changing your lifestyle, it means just adding one or two new steps into your routine for the better.

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