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Are You Ready to Get and Keep Your Fitness Motivation’

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what is your fitness motivation

 I know that your summer fitness routine may feel a bit like a roller coaster. You are strong heading into June but come July your routine starts to waiver and then it drops off. You promise yourself that you will pick it back up in September 🤞🏽… So how the heck do you keep that fitness mojo going all throughout the summer’  How can we make this happen for us!’ 


First things first, I always ask my clients if they are excited about a fitness program, and if they are, I have them run through the REPS formula for it!  And if there is a kink in the chain, guess what , it isn’t going to work!  I am NOT saying this to discourage you, I am saying it because I don’t want you to keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.  90% of people that I work with look at it as “I am a failure when I don’t finish anything” before they come to me!  So, you have to see if it will even work for you!  (I go over my entire REPS program in another Podcast so you can listen to that HERE.) 

Is what you are trying to achieve REALISTIC’  If you just starting to get fit is signing up for a 6-week boot camp style workout, is that realistic to you’  This is NOT about judgment; it is about opening up your eyes to what is realistic or not! 

Are you EXCITED about this!’  Are you even excited about the boot camp”  If it states you will lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks, that is great, but are YOU EXCITED!’!’ If you are not at all excited to go to that class 6 days a week for 6 weeks, you are going to find a way to pull the ripcord on that and you will not finish those 6 weeks. 

Do you have PREEMPTIVE PLANNING’  In 6 weeks’ time, what is your schedule like’  Do you travel’  Do you have TIME to do this’  Do you have kids that you have to plan around every week’ If yes, then you have to find time to plan this into your week, and can it be done’  

Is this boot camp SUSTAINABLE”  What the heck is going to happen at Week 7”’  Or Week 8!’  How are you able to sustain this activity after the boot camp is over with and where are you going with this’  Where is it going to lead you afterwards’   To quote Stephen Covey, You HAVE TO begin with the end in mind!! Is this boot camp workout the jumpstart you need to to getting healthier and fit’  If you find yourself feeling blah during any of those steps I just talked about then it’s going to be hard to sustain it.  

At the end of the day, you need to create sustainable habits, because it’s the habits that create the routines and the routines that create the results. And we are looking for consistent results. Through good habits!  

Another thing we figure out and I find myself asking my clients is, “Is it easier to maintain an exercise program or maintain a nutrition program’”  And the majority of the people I work with would raise their hands and say they can exercise all day long but food..🤦🏽‍♀️ Noooooppeee!  How do we start this activity pumped and contain that throughout’ How do we maintain this throughout’  

One HUGEEE way to keep that mojo going throughout is the SKIP THE DAMN RULES!!!! 
I used to have so many rules for my workouts! X amount of cardio, X amount of pull-ups, X amount of time in the gym, and I got sick of it and threw it out the window!!  Instead of focusing on the “supposed to”, focus on the feelings. Focus on what feels good in your body right now!  I start creating negotiables that were easier to maintain and didn’t make me feel like crap if I wasn’t able to hit them. Instead of hours of workouts, I decided that by moving my body for at least 30 minutes a few times a week I was much happier and it was much more sustainable than the multiple hour workouts I was maintaining!  Are you willing to bend some of your rules to have a happy, healthy, successful life!  

Now that we have skipped the rules, what else do we need to do to stay on track’  

Plan your workout time!  For me, when I get out of bed, I have to do my workout right then or else it will never get done throughout the day.  Find what is the best time for you to work out and do it.  Morning or at night’  How is your schedule so that you can fit it into your day’  And be sure to have gentle with yourself. We are always so hard on ourselves, so if you miss a day or have an off day, just know that tomorrow is going to be a better day and give yourself grace! 

You need something to keep you Motivated!  Keep yourself motivated with shiny objects!!  Who doesn’t like new stuff to work out in or keep the momentum going! Grab yourself some new sneakers, or new workout gear, or make a new playlist, try a new machine at the gym, or try a new class!!  Do something that is going to keep your blood moving and excitement going! 

Try getting an accountability partner!  I have had one for multiple things, and it is nice to be on the same page with someone who has similar goals as yourself.  Find someone who will hold you up to what you want and give you that tough love!  I don’t want a partner who is going to blow smoke up my butt and tell me it is okay; I want someone who is going to keep me in check and keep me going.   Or even someone who will actually go and work out with you!  That partner has to inspire you and keep you on your A-Game.   I have an accountability group and it is really amazing, so if you want to join, please feel free!!   

Give yourself the 5-minute rule….  Believe it or not I don’t always spring out of bed! On the days that I don’t I do what I call the 5-minute rule is that I stay in my PJs and go down to the basement in my slippers. I will foam roll and/or stretch to see if I’m ready to do more.   If after that time if I am feeling it, I’ll do the workout.  If I am not feeling it, then that will be the day that I just stretch and chill! Or just go for a walk!  Set that timer so you give yourself the opportunity before you blow yourself off!!   

My workouts aren’t all gym based.  Some of them are just going for a walk, long walks! As long as I am moving my body for 30 minutes, boxed checked!  And just moving my body for 30 minutes makes me feel so good and that is the feeling that I am chasing when I work out, TO FEEL GOOD!!!  With these workouts be sure to START SMALL!  Arthur Ashe says one of my favorite quotes and that is “Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”  DO what you can with what you have and start with 30 minutes in the gym and move to 45 or move to add an extra gym day during the week.  Feel into what is next for you but start small.  Follow me on Instagram where I post a free quick workout every Friday — I call it #fatburningfriday 

Set your goals with a Good, Better Best Rule.  What is a good goal, what is a better goal and what is a best goal’  I feel more committed when I start with smaller goals and you will too!    

ALWAYS ask yourself WHY’ Why do I want to do this’  I really want to lose 10 pounds or be a size…. Because”  A lot of people lose their motivation because they do not have a strong why!  Simon Sinek has a book and basically made a living on telling people their why.  So, the why behind why you do it!  For me, I want to fit into my pants!!! And if I wake up and feel crappy and lay in bed, I lay in bed and ask myself if this is getting me to my goal. And I do this with food as well.  Is it getting me closer or farther away from my goal”  It’s an honest question getting you back to your why and when you connect with your why you have a stronger chance of achieving that goal.   

Have a rest day! It’s okay to have a REST DAY!  Your body will scream uncle if you do not so this!! Sprains, strains, etc.  Your body will punch you in the face to slow down if you do not rest.  So, you need to have AT LEAST 1 rest day and do NOTHING… YES, don’t do a darn thing!  Just relax and recharge your body like you would recharge your phone.   

Majoring in the MINORS!  I see so many people getting caught up in the minors, and the minors for me are, should I have a post-workout shake, should I deadlift or squat, creatine’  The bigger things are, am I getting enough sleep, am I stressed to the max, am I getting in my self-care and steps. Then we can talk about meals, etc.  Guess what, if I am stressed like a crazy person, I won’t get all of the benefits of deadlifting and nutrition!  Start majoring in the majors! Not the minors! 

I hope you got something out of this, and it helps you!! I am creating a 6-week Exercise Challenge!! So, if this is interesting to you, check that out right HERE!   It consists of 6 weeks to work on strength, mobility, all the things that are the big dial movers if you are looking to create a lifelong exercise program!!   

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