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Are You Ready To Get Out Of Your Own Way

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This magic makers is my 99th episode and I have to pinch myself constantly to make sure it is real! Now this would have NEVER been a reality had I not gotten out of my own way. If I did not take the leap of faith, and ignore all of the voices in my head, I wouldn’t be here right now recording my 99th freaking podcast! This was my dream, and I made that dream come true. But it wasn’t easy. This podcast nagged at me for soooo long, 5 years and I had to just rip off the band aid and get it going!


And here we are you guys!!

Now I mention this podcast journey because it is a huge example of how I got in my way for so long. I constantly told myself I needed to have all of these things to start and it had to be perfect in order to take that first step. But I am here to tell you it does not have to be! Get over this self-preservation mindset, get over your fear of failure, and just go for it because you don’t know what that dream will become if you don’t take the first step forward.

This isn’t just for business, or in your career, this is also with your health.

IT’S TIME TO STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP FOR WHERE YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE WITH YOUR HEALTH! You haven’t failed. You just haven’t done all the things you need to do to be successful. And I am not saying this so you can beat yourself up. I am saying this because there are so many things in our lives that stop us from doing the things we want. Stop us from moving forward with something. Kids, aging parents, life is crazy, work is crazy, there is always something for us to get stuck with. Stuck on over thinking. It’s called Analysis Paralysis And it suckssss but you have to move past it.

Stop being afraid to take that step towards a happier and healthier you and stop being afraid of what bad things could happen. Instead take a moment to think about all the GOOD things that could have happened if you just get out of your own way! Don’t be afraid of failure because so many people have failed, only to rise again even greater.

So this is where you are going to look at every failure as a learning opportunity. Over the past 20 years, I have learned a lot. I have also failed a lot! But I have always stood back up because I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. This goes for your weight loss or health journey. You might fail, but it is ok because you are going to learn from that mistake and get back up on the horse and keep on going. You will LEARN from those mistakes, and you will know next time they arise to not let them happen as frequently.

For me and my journey, I have learned…..
What food works for me.
What my trigger foods are.
I know I cannot restrict, or I’ll binge like no one’s business.
I know I cannot follow a diet.
I know I do better with guidelines instead of eat this or die type philosophy.
I know I must map out my food and when to get my workouts in.
I figured out that I am a winger and when it comes to health and fitness you can’t be a winger!!

Let’s look back at the things you have tried. What was or is un-sustainable for you’ What are things you’ve tried that just don’t work for you’ What are the things you did and worked’ To figure out if what you’re doing can work for your lifestyle, for the long haul so that you fall off the wagon less, we have to look at REPS Formula.
1. It has to be realistic
2. You have to be excited about it
3. You have to have a plan
4. And it has to be sustainable

If it doesn’t have these 4 things, then it isn’t going to work!!!!

What I have learned is that I have to break up with my Must Do’s. I had to instead, do what made me feel good! There was no longer overwhelm of my day and with the list of must do’s when it came to my health and fitness. I had to stop overthinking because overthinking about everything I put in my mouth and every workout I did was driving me out of my mind!

How did I get out of this’ How did I break up with that must do list and move past my ways that were holding me back from truly living my life’ This right here that I am about to touch on, helped me to see the error of my ways. It helped me to break through to the other side.

First thing was Ask yourself, what is 1 thing you want’ What is one simple action step you can do right now that will take you one step closer to your one thing you want, one step closer to your goal’ This is part of my 6 Big Rocks Podcast that dives even deeper into this so I highly recommend checking it out. You have to stop and really figure out why you are doing all of this other stuff if it is not getting me to where I want to be. Start by doing just that 1 thing DAILY until you can start adding more.

The second thing is consistency. A little back story, we went to New Zealand for a month, and I did NOT want to worry about dieting and working out and all of that for the entire time we were there. So, I did a bit of an experiment during this month. I made a commitment to myself that I am going to just do these 3 things every single day and maybe try and workout 3 times a week if I could. Those 3 things were to get 10,000 steps a day, have 1 big salad a day with protein and vegetables, and sleep


Those were my things I HAD to do every day without driving myself bonkers and worrying about everything. I ate and drank like a normal person, I had desserts and alcohol when I wanted. I did what I wanted to at the moment. I did nothing over the top except just being a normal person. Listen, I didn’t want to restrict myself, instead I wanted to see what it is like to have balance. I did this for the entire month and guess what, I only gained 2 pounds!!! (I think that was all water weight from the plane though to be honest!)

This taught me about consistency! It wasn’t about constantly keeping the lid on the jar so tight; it was about being consistent. That all or nothing left me broken and there were cracks in the foundation. And you know what I did. I broke the all or nothing cycle!!!

I am going to let you in a little secret though peeps Change takes time!!! I beat my body up for a decade, and you bet your ass it wasn’t going to take 30 to 90 days to fix it. It was going to take years to unravel all of the destruction. So this means you have to unpack your patience. I knew what I wanted, and I was willing to wait for it. even though every inch of my being was like THIS SUCKSSSSS!!! Ha-ha

That experience helped me to figure out what moves the needle for me. It wasn’t killing myself every single day. It was those 6 Big Rocks that I did daily. (Podcast link above)
If we aren’t doing those 6 things everything else is noise. I had to really zone in my 6 big rocks. Three of them being non-negotiables that I can do every day in my health and feel good.

This requires effort and I had to get uncomfortable but guys, it is ALLL worth it when you get to that point.
What are the daily actions you can do’
Know what is going to work for you. Know where you want to go. Know what the steps are that you have to take to get there.

What are the benefits for these short-term actions’
If I could be more rational and think things through vs letting my gut and ego do all the thinking. I wanted to feel good every damn day.

What Are your 1-3 daily habits you can do’
Keep it simple! Sleep – 7 hours a night. Eat a big ass salad every day. 10,000 steps a day. Be really clear and specific and know that some of these may be easier than others. If you miss 1 it’s fine but ask yourself why you missed it. If you miss it regularly, maybe it’s too much for you right now.

Are you willing to give it a go this summer’
We are starting to re-emerge if you will like the cicadas!! And I want to make sure I help you if you are getting back out there. So are you able to do this in the summer with all of the temptations around you’

When you get your nutrition and exercise in you will feel unstoppable! How do you do that with summer bbq, vacations, ice cream, wine’
This is what most desperate dieters think about. You have to go to an extreme or miss out on the fun! Never find a way to be consistent with all of that extra food and just blend it in occasionally to make it work. Don’t drive yourself crazy over it.

So with that. I am calling this the STRESS FREE SUMMER!!!
I am helping you find that freedom. I am helping you to break out of it so you know how to be consistent, harness the power of thinking small and starting to see small wins as a sign that it is working. Stop wondering what to eat and start creating a healthy process that shows you that getting healthy can feel easy!

I can help you create that step-by-step plan that helps you break free of traditional dieting. So, we are doing a 66 Day Challenge for women who don’t want to diet anymore!
They want to find this blend between fun and sticking with your weight loss goals.
You won’t be starving yourself or counting calories or eating bland boring foods either!!

If this is right up your ally, we are getting started on June 27th!! And I will be hosting an orientation webinar on June 16th! Where I will help you to break down how stress free summer is going to work and how to integrate it into your awesome Summer 2021!!

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