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Are You Ready To Have A Good Night Sleep

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getting a good night sleep

When I started this podcast, I wrote down 67 different things I wanted to talk about on here. And one of the first 10 things I wrote down was SLEEP! Let’s face it, most of us just don’t get enough of it. Either you have little kids running around and you aren’t sleeping, or your hormones are raging like you are teenagers again and you aren’t sleeping… And let’s not even get into struggling to shut down your damn mind that seems to take off running right before bed.


You think you don’t need it and you can live and function without it. But not sleeping is doing more harm to our bodies than you want to believe it is. Well, I finally found someone that can speak your language!!

Her name is Kali Patrick and you are going to get HUGE takeaways from this conversation! Kali is a Sleep Wellness Coach who helps stressed out, busy professionals around the country learn to sleep better & improve their energy.

Kali was driven to becoming a sleep coach after working as a busy Executive and ended up on a path to burnout, sleep was impacting tons of areas of her life, and basically, she was not good at sleeping. She never enjoyed her sleep and she didn’t ever feel rested. Have you ever experienced this’ She ended up taking a sleep study and came back nothing was wrong, but the doctors gave her a prescription which still made her feel groggy in the morning and was not remembering her dreams! But she wanted to be able to remember those dreams because they are so important! 

She knew that she had to make a change and finally get some damn sleep and she wanted to do it without any type of medication. Both pharmaceutical and self-medicating with either melatonin or alcohol are things that people are doing to sleep better. Those two things can actually keep you from sleeping over time. We have a long list of things that we’re purchasing and experimenting with and ingesting that are actually wrecking sleep more than they’re helping because they’re taking us away from what is our natural rest rhythm. 

[Tweet “It is in our nature to look for quick fixes, and it is a little more work to look deeper at what we are doing in our lives that are contributing to the situation, rather than automatically trying to fix it quickly.”]You have to‘get to the root causes and experiment with lifestyle changes to make this happen. Is it stress, is it work, is it, kids, are you too busy, are you doing too much throughout your day, what exactly is it that is affecting your sleep’

Right now, with the COVID-19 stuff going on, we have been forced to stop and take an extended time out. But eventually, we are going to have to start back up again. it is important to create a rhythm that will work for you not only while you are home for this time, but for when things begin to’open up‘again and we resume our daily lives how they were. What are you going to do now to prepare yourself for that and how will you manage your life when you get back to’it.And the answer is with rhythm. When we have a rhythm, it is a planned thing. WE KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. And this is as simple as going for a walk every day at 3, which gives you a rest and it is also soothing for our nervous system to have that same thing every day. This rhythm will, in turn, bring down your stress and anxiety you have for going back to work or the uncertainty of what this has brought upon us all.

How will you set up a’rhythm for rest after this’

Compare your rhythm before and your rhythm now and try and figure out how to set up boundaries and how it feels for you. How do I set and hold that this is a non-negotiable self-care practice or me’ And it does not have to’be an hour, it can simply be 15 minutes, but it’ rhythmic and it’s daily and it’s time for yourself!!

[Tweet “A prerequisite to sleep is knowing how to rest.”]

And we do not know how to rest!! Those 15 minutes to stop, close your eyes and just recharge your batteries will do wonders for setting you up for a good nights sleep. One way to ensure that we are able to rest during the day is by learning how to say no to things that just aren’t lighting you up, but that is sucking your energy, and energy is the other side of sleep that we talk about. We all have a choice to say no to things, and this goes for in the work environment as well!

Make these lifestyle changes and pay attention to how your body reacts. Then you can put the puzzle pieces together to create the plan, system or routine that works for you. From there you can see how to be flexible you can be in comparison as to how busy you want to be and if this works with the new schedule. Finding the right balance and ways to help you sleep better is all about experimenting and being curious with your lifestyle changes and daily activities.Is there something deeper as to why you are not a good sleeper beside you just saying I am not a good sleeper’Do you have the curiosity to dig deep enough and finally’figure out why I am not a good sleeper for the bulk of my life”

When digging deeper, you are going to have to ask yourself a few things
  1. When did this all start’ What was happening in your life when this really started’ This can be useful to connect it with a specific event if we can. (A divorce, a change, anything that gets stuck into our system’)
  2. Look for energy drains throughout the day. Find out what is happening and pay attention to it. Are you getting drained but pushing yourself through it’ What are you doing that is refraining you from not resting’ 

It is SOOO normal to get tired throughout the day! But[Tweet “we train ourselves not to listen to our body and just push on through the tired, though the day without resting our minds and our bodies”]. And then come bedtime and the energy that we did not release by resting throughout the day comes rushing back at us in the form of our mind not wanting to quiet itself.Our mind thinks we can tell our body to do anything, but really our body is the ruler of us.If you have those natural dips throughout the day, honor it, and take some time to sit for 5 minutes and let yourself rest.

Think of your body as the adult, and your mind like a 3-year-old child. The mind wants what it wants, right!’ YOU want to push through, but your body is saying’I know you do, but‘I know better.The body is the adult in the relationship and If we listen to the body, our mind is going to work so much better! You will feel refreshed and restored!

Sleep is our reboot. Sleep gives everything the chance to clean up that is not working and get rid of toxins.If we are always running, not sleeping at night, or waking up too early, our bodies never get the chance to have that reboot in our system. And having just 1 night of sleep that consists of only 4 hours, drops your immune function down 70%! That is why’sleep is so imperative in helping to keep you healthy.

We’ve gotten so used to ignoring those signals from our body and “Yes, we’re pushing through, and we’re essentially telling the body, I don’t hear you, I’m not listening! Then what happens is the body says, Well, I need to make this clear.” and it ends up amping‘up the problem. Before you know it, people have significant medical issues that need attention, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and short-term issues like making a mistake or having an accident.  There is a correlation and the earlier we pay attention to these signals, the better.

3 things that you should look for that could be an indicator towards the root cause of you not sleeping well…
  1. Relying on these substances to sleep; wine, melatonin, this is creating a long-term problem. The only natural sleep is natural sleep and regulating it with different substances is potentially causing bigger problems down the road. Talk to your doctor if you are on medication, because some may cause insomnia as well.
  2. Look at your rest rhythm. Do you even have one’ Become aware if you take rests throughout the day. Are they’really restfulScrolling through social media is not rest for your mind or your body.This rest needs to be something that pulls your energy inward. (not information overload) Closing your eyes for 15 minutes is a great example. Observe what your typical day looks like and are you taking breaks’ And If you are, what are you doing during those breaks
  3. LOOK at the DAYTIME, not just a NIGHTTIME problem. Maybe a small tweak as far as changing something to a different time. Eating earlier at night, not being on the computer or tv past a certain time, not working out so late in the night. See if something you are‘doing later in the day is over stimulating and not allowing for you to calm down when it is time to sleep.

Kali has moved people from total exhaustion too, I am not exhausted anymore. And we get to the next point at figuring out how do we now go to‘having additional energy throughout our day to do things” If we can get to a place of not feeling completely wrecked than that feels huge.This is why‘it is so important to hire a coach when it comes to things like this. Whether it is sleeping or weight loss.

You hire that coach because you could be beating around the woods, trying to figure things out for yourself and getting nowhere.  Or you could’hire someone to say, Hey, you know what, if you take this path to the left, it’s gonna save you about 20 stepsYou have spent so much time trying to figure this out in order to help people, and I know that if they have a specific issue, you know what direction to go in with them. People need a guide and someone to help them navigate through this!! They need someone to help steer them in the right direction and help get into the right’mindset.

None of this is going to work without this, and it is literally something I talk about in almost every aspect of working on yourself and working within yourself. MINDSET SHIFT! We aren’t actually thinking‘about our sleep at night being impacted by our day, but it is huge! So, by shifting your mindset and being aware and conscious of what you are doing, it would help us daily so tremendously!!

If any of this spoke to you magic makers, you guys’have to‘reach out to Kali and join in on one of her webinars. I am telling you; it will change your life and your sleep forever!! And of course, you can find her online, just check out the links below!

What makes Kali feel magical’

I am currently hooked on the 70s and 80s dance and r&b and if the music has boogie in it, I am on fire!! I listen when I walk, and it just makes me want to move and feel so good! And that is currently making me feel magical. – Kali Patrick

Yes girl, yes!!!!

Kali Patrick is a Sleep Wellness Coach who helps stressed out, busy professionals around the country learn to sleep better & improve their energy. She’s also a therapeutic yoga teacher and public speaker. Learn more about Kali and her business, A Journey Into‘Health, at’kalisleepcoach.com.

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