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Are You Ready To Let Go Of The Busy During The Holidays

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I know seriously, yup, I’m talking about them. As I write this I’m watching a Hallmark Christmas movie. 😍 I’ll be in a Christmas movie coma through New Year’s how about you’ 

“I don’t have time.” A lot of you will post on Facebook or my clients will tell me, “I just don’t have time to commit to this, I don’t have time to commit to that.” I’m going to call bullshit on that.

What I need you to understand is we all fall into different seasons of our lives, and right now we might be in the busy part of our season, and so what that means is you have to adjust your priorities, you have to adjust the expectations that you put on yourself when you are in your busy season. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be the holidays, we all have those kinds of periods in our lives, there are women in my Facebook group and my clients who are accountants where March
and April are a shit show for them. 

I need for you to start thinking about is, “How can I readjust my priorities when I get busy” versus “I’m just going to put fitness on the shelf.” Because that’s not how fitness works. Many of you want results, so many of you want the physique of your dreams, and in order to get the physique of your dreams it has to be continuous process. It’s not like, “Hey, I can work out. No, I can’t. Hey, I can work out. No, I can’t.” 

That’s where you get on the road to on again, off again, and that road sucks ass. So, what I need you to say is, “When I’m in a busy period of time and I know that I can’t commit to a 90-minute gym session, and I know I can’t commit to six days a week at the gym, I need to back it down and say ‘what can I commit to” 

When this happens to my clients, I ask them to reach out and tell me, ‘My life is a shit storm, how can I best manage my time during this shit storm”” And that’s when I as a coach will say, “Hey girlie, how much time do you have to commit’

How many days a week do you have to commit'” And then we’ll work together to come up with a plan. Because I see so many of you just punching out and being like, “I’ll get to it when I get to it.” Just so you know that’s NOT the fast track to success. 

We’re not knitting an afghan, we’re not reading that book you meant to read. When you really want to make this a lifestyle, there is no vacation. But there are periods of time when I can really go hard, and there are times when I have to back it up.

So, I challenge you, instead of giving up and putting yourself on the shelf, because that’s just bullshit, I challenge you to say, “What can I do in this season of my life’ 

Whenever it gets busy what can I do, what can I commit to'” 
Can you commit to your food’ 
Can you commit to three/four days a week at the gym’
Can you commit to 30 minutes of moving your body’ 
What can you commit to’ 

Because let me keep saying this to you over and over and over again, here is me smacking you upside the head, perfection sucks balls, you will never, ever, ever be perfect. And if you are aspiring to be perfect,
I think you’re going to be waiting until the pigs fly, anything that should fly flies, lightning might strike you more than it will before you hit perfection, hell, you might win Powerball before you hit perfection. 

So, stop with the perfection and focus on what’s possible for you.

I want you to ask yourself where do you struggle — leave a comment below

1️⃣ is it time management’ 
2️⃣ Not sure where to start
3️⃣ All the things. 


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