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Are You Ready To Reset Your Wellness

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How do you take a step back from everything that you are doing right now and reset our wellness’ It only takes a few steps to do this and good news they aren’t that challenging!  Trust me!  Just a few simple changes a day can shift your entire perspective on what wellness means to you.


A few podcasts back we talked about the 4 pillars of health and in order for us to be those healthy people we aspire to be,  these 4 things need to be in place. Nutrition, habits, mindset and exercise.  So how do we reset this’  How do we reset our wellness’ How do we start to think about these things and start to make decisions to say, “what is working, what is not working, what piece of this 4-part puzzle isn’t firing on all cylinders’” Then we can start to apply these small changes, these 4 pillars, to improve our overall health.

This sounds easy, right’ Well, it should be, but so many of us find a way to over complicate it and overthink the crap out of health and fitness.  And trust me, you’re going to start seeing a ton of advertisements out there and you may feel like you are being batted around like a ping pong ball and I get it. BUT during this conversation, I want getting healthy and fit to be as easy as going to sleep at night!

We’re already in December 2020… and it’s been one… yeah a year…  And now as the year comes to an end, we are starting to reflect on what happened last year, and what is going to happen in 2021 and what is going to happen beyond.  So, if you are reflecting on the past and the future, let’s take a look at fit girl magic framework to get started and figure out how we can apply this to all 4 pillars of health.

ALL ROADS LEAD TO NUTRITION!  We HAVE TO fuel our bodies.  I will always freaking quote Jack Lalane, but he said Nutrition is Queen and Fitness is King.  And a lot of us want to flip the script!!! But sadly, that is not going to get you your results.  We need to focus on fueling our bodies!

So, first, What foods work best for you’  I want you to log your food so that you can write down and make note of what foods feel good when you eat them.  What food made you feel bloated’ What food bothered you’  So before you go restricting and removing things, I want to see if it affects your body the way they say it will vs blindly following.  What has restrictive dieting done for you in the past and what will it do for you in the future’  What does restricting do for you’  Does it make you binge and fall off course’  (like it does for me!) Keep a log so that you can see what is going to work best for you.

As a coach, I want to help you find harmony. I want to help you find balance. What is going to set you off the rails and what is going to set you up for success.  That is the best life my friend! 

Ok. This is for you if you hate to go grocery shopping.  So, one of the things you are going to need to start… you are going to need to start grocery shop!!!  No buying food on the fly.  Right now, there are tons of ways to get groceries in your house!!! And the biggest thing is when you have healthy food on hand, you are less likely to be like screw it, we are ordering pizza!  Also, if you don’t like cooking, look into some of those meal services or companies like Hello Fresh that literally send you all the ingredients you need!  Super simple, super healthy and takes the grocery shopping and fuss out of cooking!

Alright, let’s talk EXERCISE!

I was guilty of this back in the day and if I didn’t have a 2-hour workout during the day then why work out’  And I think a bunch of you still fall into this bucket.  I was able to break that cycle by saying THIS or NOTHING!  And nothing never got me where I wanted to go, it always made me feel guilty. I had to rethink how I would get exercise into my routine and I had to say alright, I only have 15 minutes, I am going to make the most of this 15 minutes and sometimes that 15 minutes is all I needed to get out of a funk and move my body!

I also had to rethink movement and look at it more as acts of daily living.  So, for this, I want you to find 3 spots in your schedule to do 15-30 minute workouts each week. But what about movement’ Can you find time in your day to get 7500 to 10000 steps’  This is called NEAT. Non-exercise activity thermogenesis which is just fancy talk for walking or acts of daily living.  And guess what’ In most cases we burn more calories with acts of daily living than most other things.

So, the next step is to start tracking your steps!  There are plenty of ways to track your movement and I challenge you to get in those 7500-10000 steps per day. Use your phone app, a Fitbit, an apple watch, anything that you can use to keep track of what you are getting in every day. Want to take it up a notch’  Part of a challenge I am running is an exercise and movement challenge, called Lean and Sexy After 40. Join in the challenge with us and get those steps in!

But how do we marry these 2 things together’  Exercise and movement’ And THIS my friends, is where my REPS formula comes in handy. Is it realistic for you right now’ Are you excited about it’ Can you make a plan for it around your life’ Is it sustainable‘  It is important to run through each of these when it comes to your fitness plan so that you KNOW that you will be able to sustain it for 6+ months to years.

I also want you to get into a good sleep routine. Everything that you are doing is not going to work at its full capacity if you are not sleeping.  Try and get on a sleep schedule, whether you have kiddos or not.  Pick a time for bed that works for you, give yourself time before this to wind down and relax so that falling asleep is easier.  If creating a bedtime routine doesn’t work, then turn to other things to help you relax and sleep at night.  Melatonin, essential oils like lavender and cedarwood are great for sleep, valerian root helps lull me to sleep at night, CBD oil, or anything else you research and find may be useful.  Play around with these things and see what works best for you.

Let’s dive into those pillars and how they work with my Fit Girl Magic Formula..

Now, I am going to say something that isn’t sexy but it’s a stumbling block for many of us and that is MINDSET. This has changed my journey!  Shifting my mindset changed my journey!  I had a fixed mindset and I thought things were the way they were until I hit 40 and my body gave me the BIG OL’ middle finger.  Had I not shifted my mindset, I would still be on that god dang hamster wheel, so I knew I had to start opening up and think differently.

The thing that helped me tremendously when I was shifting my mindset was to start journaling, which helped me to open up my mind.  And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy, it was a challenge at times. But for me it was writing all the crazy that was in my head.   There are 2 journals I use, The 5 Minute Journal, and the I am Journal.  I make sure to journal pretty much every morning, sometimes 5 minutes sometimes it’s longer. But every day I always ask myself, what do I need to know today’  And then every day I do a daily thought on IG stories (so follow me there)  that usually pops up when I am journaling!  I sit down and whatever comes out, just comes out!

Lastly ladies, self-care. Self-care is huge and important for anyone who is trying to take care of others in their house!  But for me, the  mindset is what sets you up for self-care!  What is going to help you chill the F OUT… ”’

I get it, we get caught up in the busyness of life and so much going on right now but it’s about finding that time by yourself to do something.  Reading, taking a bubble bath, journaling, watching a Hallmark movie, knitting’  There are NO rules when it comes to this,  just do whatever feels good!  “Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s putting your oxygen mask on first so you can serve and help other people.”  And I had 2 past guests, Emily Nicohls and Deanna Schober that brought so much quality information about this to my attention on recent podcasts! Both say they are better moms when they take care and have time for themselves!

What it all comes down to is ultimately what are your goals’  This is where a lot of us get stuck and we don’t reconnect with what our goals are after we have created them. We are working so hard, but what are you working for’

What is the ideal outcome for you’
What still lights you up’
What is getting you excited’
Are you still interested in that’
What are the limiting factors’
What is holding you back from that’ Is it a physical thing or is it something you’ve created in your mind’

With everything I talked about in this blog, where do you need to focus your attention on’

What feels challenging but can be reached if you DID sustain the effort’
Where do you need to focus’
How do you feel about the plan you’ve laid out for yourself’I want you to create a repeatable process! We are all seeking that, but instead of doing it on someone else terms, we are creating it on our own terms.
YOU ARE excited about it and it’s sustainable and when it’s sustainable you get results!!!

When you start to make more informed choices, you can get clear on what the outcome is going to be, connect to that outcome and then you have the courage to stick to it with the long haul. Push through to the other side to get consistency and get to those results!

Many of us start a goal, it gets hard, then it gets to the messy part that you just start to feel uncomfortable.  Have the courage to push through, because the breakthrough is within inches of your break down!

Let’s stay in touch! Your goals are not going to go away, so let’s face them head-on and work on them together and make them work for each other!

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