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Are You Ready To Thrive In Menopause?| 218

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In today’s episode, prepare to delve deep into how menopause orchestrates its symphony of changes within our bodies and uncover strategies to maintain your vitality during this transformative time.


Soulful Reflections:

Before we start, let’s take a moment to reflect on what truly sparks joy and fulfillment for you. Oprah once attested, carving out time in our day for activities that light your soul on fire can be incredibly gratifying. Instead we occupy our time wondering about the “right” food and exercise choices.

Choosing Your Battlefield and Evaluating Commitments:

Menopause begs you to reassess your priorities and shed the unnecessary baggage of stress. Here is where you pick your battles and critically examine your commitments. Focus your energies on what genuinely improves your life, freeing up mental and emotional bandwidth for those pursuits that actually makes you happy.

The Adventure of Challenges and Choices:

Navigating the uncharted waters of menopause may initially feel like navigating a one of those Halloween corn mazes. However, always remember that you hold the compass. Here is you must accept your choices and make them work. Make a commitment to a path, even if it means making a tough decision that can spare you from countless sleepless nights. Sometimes, seeking the guidance of a trusted third party, like a coach or therapist, can offer a fresh perspective to aid your decision-making process.

Revolutionizing Food Categories:

Let’s break free from the constraints of labeling food as “good” or “bad.” Instead, let’s redefine your thinking, such as categorizing foods as rare indulgences, daily staples, or those enjoyed from time to time. You’ll also embrace idea of  variety and begin to truly focus on the nutritional essence of our meals, rather than villainizing beloved foods such as carbs, pasta, and bread, let’s focus nutrient-packed gems and weave them into our nutrition.

Ladies, let’s stop drastically cutting calories and amping up exercise routines instead focusing in on balance.

A Soulful Self-Check:

Take a moment to gauge where you stand on your personal journey. Refrain from blindly following fad diets or measuring your worth against social media comparisons. Consider the chapter you’re currently writing in your life story, your enthusiasm and dedication to a plan, and the sustainability of your approach. Always remember, your path is uniquely your own.

Channel your mental energies into endeavors that truly matter, rather than being ensnared by the maze of food choices or hours spent in the gym.

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