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Are You Satisfied and Satiated’

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Today’s key learning is all about being more mindful, when someone says, do you roll your eyes’ Because you are like WTF do you mean’

Let me explain. I’m going to share with you what it’s like to feel hungry again and acknowledging what you are eating.

For years, the diet industry told us that we couldn’t be hungry. When I first started in this industry, I was told to get the results that I wanted I had to five meals a day to stoke my metabolism. I had to eat every 2-3 hours regardless of if I was hungry or not. So thousands of women started eating by the clock and basically turned ourselves into Palov’s dogs. When the bell rang you ate regardless of if you were hungry or not.

What we’ve found in the last I don’t know, let’s say 20 years is that is utter BS. It caused many women including myself overeat my way to weight gain. It didn’t move the weight loss dial the way we thought it would or help us get to where we wanted to go.

What research now shows is that you want big gaps between your meals giving your body an opportunity to rest and digest.

I’m going to ask you to break up with the five meals a day and really start to reconnect with how you feel when you are actually eating and focus on the difference between being satisfied and satiated.

What is satisfied’ It is that it you you’re eating something, and it was visually appealing as well as tastes really good. You ate something and you’re like this. Your eyes were like yeah, this is good. Your stomach was like yeah, this is good. Your taste buds are saying the same thing. That’s what most meal should look like.

Now comes the satiated part. Is actually your belly got full’

Let’s put this in to real like action.

How many times do you think about pizza’ Then you tell yourself no, I can’t have pizza. It’s not on my plan. I can’t have pizza, and then you don’t have the pizza. And then all day long. You are seeking something that’s going to replace the thought of pizza in your mind. Instead of the pizza you have boiled chicken with broccoli and brown rice and brain says nope not it and you’re off seeking a taste of pizza and end up eating WAY more calories than you would have had consumed had you just had the freaking pizza! .

The second thing is that satisfaction, you want to eat until you are about 80% full. There’s a hunger scale on a scale of one to 10. You want to be finishing your food that you still have about seven, so that your stomach isn’t like, oh my gosh, I should have borrowed my friend’s maternity pants or you feel like you need to unbutton your top button. Today’s goal is help you master your hunger.

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