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Are you too rigid with your weight loss goals?

For me, sticking to weight loss goals has always a struggle. I told myself that I had to stick to these strict rules and protocols to keep the weight gain at bay. I was constantly pushing myself to eat less sugar and carbs, intermittent fast, anything to get and keep the weight off. You may feel just like me and yes, while these techniques certainly helped to stay on track, they left little room for flexibility in my day-to-day life. 
It’s true that having structure and discipline can help you each your fitness goals – yes, we need some sort of framework within which to work in order to be successful. Have ever thought that the rules that you have around food and workouts may be a bit counterproductive.  
How helpful is it to demonize certain types of foods or committing strictly to an eating schedule, way to suck the fun out of living a healthy lifestyle and instead end up feeling burnt out and demotivated. 
I was sick of feeling like this and in order to break free I realized I need to create some form of structured flexibility. I created some non-negotiable guidelines for myself. This means defining what aspects of my routine are truly important, setting realistic expectations around how often I’m willing to work out or what my meals would look like, and giving myself permission to occasionally indulge in the foods that I love. By including just enough structure – but still allowing for some flexibility – I’ve found that it’s much easier to stay motivated and achieve the weight loss results that matter most to me.  
So let me ask you. Do you really want to keep restricting and always feeling like you need to go harder, or do you want to find a path that will allow more fun foods and flexibility in your life?  

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