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Are You Willing To Do Something Different To Lose Weight?

Even though my diet wasn’t working, I couldn’t stop. It worked in the past and I was clinging to the hope that it would work again Are you like me and feel like it’s going well if it feels boring and uninspiring, I should be pushing and struggling rather than making a change. After all, if something worked in the past, then why wouldn’t it work again?  
My desire to be perfect and always get things right the first time around, I kept finding myself constantly falling back into old habits and looking for quick fixes to ease my frustration. But at the end of the day, nothing really changes unless I make a real effort to change. So maybe it’s time to finally let go of what doesn’t work and embrace the new. After all, only by taking risks and trying new things can we ever hope to truly grow and flourish as individuals. 
Instead of always trying to be perfect I had to pick one thing I wanted to get good at and once I found success I could layer on more. I couldn’t get ahead of where I was, I had to show up for where I was and make it as simple and easy not to quit. I had to get comfortable with the ease.  
So let me ask you, would give up the struggle and accept that weight loss can feel effortless?

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