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Your Attention Please!

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Today’s blog challenge is all about how will I build and grow influence. It will be a three step approach.

  1. Reach out to bloggers and other social media folks.  In the past Ive been really active within the blogshere and social media. I need to get back into the habit of connecting with other bloggers and folks on social media. I will research 10 bloggers that I can partner with to do joint ventures as well as work together to guest blog on each others blogs and social profiles. Be consistent with my social media presence. Make sure that I’m active on social media daily for at least 15 min so it doesn’t become a time suck.
  2. Build a PR database. Last week, I meet with a local business icon and she told me the way she built her business was by doing PR. In the late 90s I knew how to do this, but this is a whole new era. I will now  need to figure out who the local fitness PR players are as well as the influential fitness/health blogs.
  3. Be visible. I’ve been told to make videos for YEARS!! Now is the time to step up and do it!!
  4. Find a good writer. I talked about this in building my team, but I need to do this ASAP. To help me build my growing audience and to reach out to the press.

Last but not least is take action. This blog challenge has been AWESOME. I was told that I have many ideas, but I never follow through for the past almost 19 days that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been making this challenge a must day. Even if I get behind by a few days I make up for.  Thank you Suitcase Entrepreneur for showing me what taking action looks like and feels like.


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